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In my last visit to the island in December 2010, I began to wonder as to what has happen to the Development on the Island. There were no sign of progress. For instant Fisheries and agriculture development is not meeting the basic demand of the increasing population on the island. 

In view of the above I am inviting concrete ideas and oppinions from the Banaban Voice or the Voice of the Banaban People to the very issue shaking the lives of the so call "forgotten people". 

I personally beleive that the system at the community and administration level is failing. what do you think?

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Ko batin raba Roba for making that point much clearer ....Lets keep pushing for the completion of the wharf.


Any more updates on that wharf??????

Thanks Tevita...your concerns are real!!  Would it be encouraging to mention that since taking over as ED for RCL in end Sept, 2010, we now have a Corporate Plan for 2011-2013, that has been presented to our people (maungatabu) in the 4 villages of Tabwewa, Uma, Tabiang and Buakonikai?  Not only that,we have also clearly identified that RCL will continue with the operational aspect of the daily running of the island affairs, whilst the business end will be the responsibility of Banaba Limited, who by the way also have a Corporate Plan that is aligned to RCL's.  This administration is committed to encouraging ownership of the developments on the island to remain with the people who are also the resource-owners - it is what we call the 'bottoms-up' approach.  We are aware that the sucess of such ventures will require that we do devote at least 50% of the time or project to the consultation process with our people on the island to create awareness of the importance of such methods, and we have every intention to do that.  Once the concept is well grapsed by our people and the process commences, RCL will then ensure the Monitoring and Evaluation component is carried out.  And as for the developments that are dependent on the Fiji Government, Rabi has no choice but to wait like all other islands and villages in Fiji for those developments to commence subject to their schedule although the assistance was approved prior.  If you thought we were failing then, please be reassured that we are doing our utmost best in providing changes on the island to better the lives of our people.  We are appealing for suport and understanding.  Let's all work together in improving the lives of the 'forgotten people'.



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