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Do you think it is wise for our Kauntira to go for Short Courses on Management, Business and etc?

Speaking from Management experiences, i believed that our leaders from various respective districts should attend to short courses from USP Community Continuing education or TPAF (FNU), to  gain more knowledge and upgrade their skills on how to run the business as expected by the people of Banaba or to be more productive on what task(s) that they are assigned to.

Various Courses offered from institution in Fiji such as Human Resource Training (2days training), Diploma in Frontline Management (TPAF - FNU) i believe it is 12 weeks course, and many more courses concerning to their areas of work.

i do appreciate and acknowledge their tireless efforts in trying to help the people of Banaba but they need to gain a little bit more of Knowledge and skills to be more and more perfect or what is your opinion?

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Not a bad idea .....just eh ?..whos gonna fund all of these?

but the idea is great, prevention is better than cure....but the idea is still good.


you know ..we have the elections ...and I believe that every candidate should write up their portfolio or CV , it's part of the preparation into taking a big step into serving people and not for personal gain, the public (voters) should at least know some background of who they voting to serve for their needs and not vote because they got family ties to the candidate.

Very good indeed. If they can afford it, go ahead or be encouraged to study. It would be wise if they also apply for financial assistance if they can't afford their way thru. We are banking on you councilors to steer us to greater heights.

Should there be a slightest chance to acquire a line of study in relation to your office role, what's holding you back or better still, tera ae tauko? The truth is, Kabwaiara inanoni baimi!!

Thank you for your dedication and commitment. I am supporting you all the way!

well its a very good idea.....mmm if they cant afford 4 further education....... give a chance 2 those who still holding their diploma in business with different majors or even some of them are degree holders.


they can maybe  resign!!........withdraw their FNPF and GO FOR FURTHER EDUCATION!





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