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Stories from Rabi...

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Talk about STORIES FROM RABI this one should be called FANTASIES OF RABI

Here is a very worrying site I found on the internet that listed all this rubbish about Rabi. Considering Rabi is held under community title and is a 'closed community' I wonder where the people from Ah Yer! Fiji gets all their so called 'factual data'. The whole page would be a real laugh accept that people who find this infomation might think that Rabi has all these things on the island. Rather scary when you think that this stuff is posted on the web as being 'factual'.

Here are some of the sites quotes and once again for anyone reading this - none of these things exist on Rabi and never will:

Rabi Island Real Estate Introduction

Welcome to a real properties site specifically designed to feature real properties on Rabi, which is found in Vanua Levu Group, Fiji. This document provides factual data regarding the varieties of real estate on Rabi (total rubbish and fabrication), as well as about the districts in Rabi Island. All factual data published on this page has been gathered by Ah Yer! Fiji and is precise as far as we know.

Residential Real Properties on Rabi Island(none exist).
At the present time most property on Rabi accessible via the world wide web is residential. Classes of properties in this classification type include single-family residential units, raw lots, lots with partially completed buildings, flats, condominiums, and so on. Unlike commercial real estate, residential properties could be furnished, or semi-furnished with for example beds or other kinds of furniture.
+ Land on Rabi Island
+ Houses on Rabi Island
+ Duplexes on Rabi Island
+ Condos on Rabi Island
+ Flats on Rabi Island
+ Rooms on Rabi Island

Rabi Island Commercial Real Property(none exist).
At Ah Yer! Fiji, on Rabi as anywhere else, we place a high significance on commercial realty, i.e. properties designed for entrepreneurial purposes. Commercial real estate on Rabi Island may include office space or luxury commercial and industrial properties, as well as real properties such as resorts, etc.
+ Commercial Land on Rabi Island
+ Industrial Land on Rabi Island
+ Retail Space on Rabi Island
+ Office Space on Rabi Island
+ Warehouses on Rabi Island

Brokers and Realtors on Rabi Island(none exist).
We entreaty our users, both sellers and buyers alike, to work in tandem with local property brokers on Rabi Island. As of now the greater part our real properties listings are provided by local real estate brokers. For a list of real estate agents on Rabi, click on our directory of Real Estate Agents on Rabi Island (none exist).
Very sad to see that At Ah Yer who seems to be a CONMAN is trying use Rabi as a selling tool to steal and con money from people who don't know Rabi at all even the Banabans who owns it. Yes, it is very scary so let people be warned about these cons who have no respect for anybody but only for their own greed. Anyway that is what I think and all I have to say. Maybe Stacey can put a warning message on the Banaban messge board as a warning to people who might fall for this nonsense.


Here is a great map of Rabi and the location of the island within Fiji. Comes from the Fiji govt. website. Nuku (map shows it wrongly as Nuka) is where the RCL Office and other main buildings are located. The photo at the top of of this page is a view coming into Nuku and Tabwewa village from the boat coming across from Karoko.



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