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Tera am ue ae ena kona riki ba aia tianaki am kauntira?

Te ue ae boiarara, e tamaroa tarana, e aki kai raai bon te ue ae na bati n tatangiraki.

Tiba am ue ae ena nang manena nakoia am kauntira ao nakoira naba ba kairan
ara kantaninga nakon taai aika rimwi.

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TE MOANI UE BON TE TATARO. Ena riai moa ni kakarimoaki te ue aio irouia ara kauntira as a whole concerning all matters or issues before making final decisions.
Ao ai bon arora naba ngaira ae te reeti ni BANABA-ti na bane ni katiteuanaki wherever we are n ara tataro ni bubuti nakon Atuara are i Karawa n aran Iesu Kristo ba ena kakabaia ara kauntira n aia makuri, abara ae Rabi, Banaba ao ngaira the BANABANS.
Au Uee ae i kan angania kauntira ba iriaia n aia waki bon aio. Ana uti every morning n open their eyes wide ao ana taraa taai kana e oti ao ana manga open their eyes wide n taraa taai kana e sun set in the evening. Tiaki nanona ba ana bon karaoia ma ana katiteboa aia decision ao ana ongo naba n aia tang aia bontanaomato. Egae gke tiaki te aomata are e roko n tang nakoim tiaki kain am kawa. Decisions should made equally to all the banabans.
akea te ue ba ti te botumaka n tataro
Get to know the greatest leader that ever walked the earth ..the Man they called "Jesus " be a good leader is to serve....the more you get to know this Man Jesus ( reading the Bible)...the truth of His word will set you free ..the same word (voice) that created the Heavens and the earth.
Prayer and faith in Jesus, for He is the only way, the only truth and the only life......"Seek Ye first the Kingdom of God and all these things shall be added onto you.....
Jeremiah 33:3 ..."Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know."
I dn't wat knw u meant by da Ue here but after reading frm those opinions mentioned below i come across another one which i think dat it's better and more powerful than those mentioned herein.
Dat is te Bo'o n nano nte kantaninga ae ti teuana, watever any person/Councillor come across an idea it is best for others to support it but not to go against it.
We have seen the work of our councillors for the past decade and it has shown us that nothing much has been done in terms of the benefit to the Banaban People and the community as a whole.
We the younger generation asks where has all the money gone to?? Well! we(younger generations) has no idea abt ti's but as time moved on us students esp. in tertiary schools run back to our councillors just like kids run to their father to help us in terms of paying our tuition fees but alas, it was unsuccessful.
The problem lies here is with our Councillors if they have been supportive before we would be better of now like the kiribati students esp. studying in USP.
I remember once when i was studying in USP that by the time we go hungry me n my frenz always went to look for the cheapest food and that is we used to go for The Chow Noodle coz it cost us aorund 50 cents while the kiribati students go for the expensive once such as $7- up a serve.
Wat i'm trying to say here was that if our Councillors can agree on whatever ideas they have i think the nxt generation no wuld be much better of by now.
So the question is wat is the problem wit our Councillors??
What did they do wit OUR MONEY??
Can't they agree on one Idea rather than criticizing wat other councillors has to offer??
So to conclude!I think it is better for the councillors to AGREE on watever idea they have rather than go against it.
It is sad nowadays, that our people are very fond of criticizing rather than uniting.
So i pray that it is best that they changed their habit bcoz if they dn't then i dn't knw wat might happen after this maybe it's better ga for us people as a whole to sink with those Islands that are prone to Sea Level Rising.

Firstly, Honesty. they need to be honest with their work and to the people of Banaba.

Secondly, Work Smart. they need to look at the problem from every angles and think outside the box.

Thirdly, Using their Strengths to develop Rabi or Banaba Island.

Fourthly, Networking. They have to work with other countries for assistance or advice.


I am glad to contribute to the idea initiated by our fellow comrades providing a constructive roadmap to assist the Rabi Island Administration in its leadership.

The only area I need improvement lies within the administrative networking linking the Community and the Council. In my view the Council lacks the voice of the poeple in its dicision. I believe the Council should pay a special attention in this area by establishing a separate body responsible at exploring means to strengthen stronger networking between the community and the Council.

The task is not extensive especially when the platform was already set. At the community level each villages have established Committees responsible for Infrustructure, agriculture, fisheries, health, etc. These committees and schemes have so much information vital to steer development.

I believe that the responsiblity of village Councilors is to recongnize and strengthen these committees so that the administration is able to align and prioritize its develoment plan according to the need of the people.

The other area that need special attention is the funding aspect of development. Surely this forum is well aware of the Counil's financial situation and you may agree with me that not all village developments can be accomodated financially from the Council alone. To address this issue it is important that the Council should develop a short and long term funding plan to sustain development on the island.

Short term funding plan should be aligned to meet local funding requirements while strategic plan for long term funding should be developed to meet the following strategy:

1. Set plan to meet international funding requirements

2. Establish Trust Fund at Community level to suport futuer develoment.


The RCL has just set up a new Development Fund and I think that details will be forthcoming soon in regards to some of the ideas that have been discussed here.



I rangini kukurei n norii taiani UEE aika raraoi n te column aio. Akea au nano kokoraki bwa a bane n eti man raoiroi ibukiia ara taani kairiri, Kautira, ao nakoira naba ni kabane.


Buokan kamaiuan tain UEE aikai, ti ngkana ti kabonganai mani kakoroi nanoia. Eg. Ena kanga ni makuri te uee ae te TATARO ngkana ti bon ta-tataro? ao te HONESTY ngkana ti aki honest ni maiura? etc.....


Ngkana ti kan nora te bitaki nakon te tamaroa ao te raoiroi, ao aio ngkanne au UEE, "walk the talk". Ngaira ake  ti comment ao ngkami ake kam read taian UEE aikai, let us apply these all.


Na aki mimi ngkana e na roko te kabwaia nakoira as a people because we all do our parts. Lastly of all but, not the least, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you"


Tekeraoi ara Kauntira ao te Nati ni Banaba.



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