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What all Banabans should know: Why BPC's Christmas Island (Indian Ocean) was rehabilitated by Australian Government

This is the whole reason that the Aust Government rehabilitated Christmas Island (Indian Ocean the other BPC Phosphate Island) because of the Abbott's Booby bird. Because they are so large they need tall rain forest trees to roost.

Sadly there was never an indigenous population on C.I. unlike Banaba (Ocean Island) but this bird was the reason the Aust Govt Conservation Foundation took action. Maybe if the Banabans could have pointed out all the birds and animals that became extinct (especially the giant coconut crab) they might have taken more notice of Aust govt's role in destroying Banaba.

Anyway as the Banaban Rehabilitation project draws near the Banabans will show the govts of Aust, NZ and UK what the strength of a UNITED and DETERMINED people can achieve... regardless of ALL the obstacles they have had put in their path and will have to overcome in the future.

Long live Banaba Island and the Banaban people...

Abbott’s Booby Papasula abbotti: Rarest of all boobies, this large bird nests precariously on the lateral branches of emergent trees on the Christmas Island plateau. Its long slender wings and gliding flight resemble an albatross. The black tail, black topped wings and larger size distinguish it from the more common Red-footed Booby. Most of its breeding habitat is protected in the Christmas Island National Park. Park authorities have a rainforest rehabilitation programme funded by the mining royalties from Christmas Island Phosphates.

This project revegetates areas where nesting areas have been affected by the wind turbulence resulting from land clearing.

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