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It is what bothers me most on the Kiribationlinecommunity. Need to know the answer

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Mauri Tebaou, I taku bwa ena kona n reke kaekan am titiraki anne mai irouia am karo.

i think u both kiribati and banabans


well if u r confused then u aint no banaban for u do not know ur history...So ur questions would be better of saying...Who AM I? A Banaban or I-Kiribati?.... iam with Tabuaki go ask mommy and daddy who u r? to be a banaban u know deep down you r, not asking questions...So goodluck with ur confusion...hope one day you will know who you are....

The time you began to talk as an infant, you are told your identity. We grew up knowing this. I assume that this question digs deeper into something else, if I am correct? Bcos, to call oneself a Banaban using a Kiribati language kind of weird???????  For me, I am a Banaban regardless of what people may say and think. I lose some of my traditions and cultural values including my language when Banaba was infiltrated with (asylum seekers and) immigrants from  the north/eastern region. One could easily tell that it is easier sailing to Banaba from the east then to go vice versa.These invaders came and settled instead of moving on....I guess that in the future more will be crossing over to Banaba from the east bcos of the climate change. Banaba will again be a refuge and strength to those who will be affected in the future. Outcome, we will be on the losing end again, but, in a bigger scale?????? only time will tell.

On the other hand, I am a Kiribatian bcos my father is a Kiribati made, but I cherished my Banaban heritage!


we r banabans n u should not b confused...we were put under the gilbert islands by the british....we have our own traditions,culture and history that distinguishes us from the gilbertese...all the rest are adopted...but you must never 4get dat we r Banabans...Not Gilbertese...Coz we can never be gilbertese...we may have a bit of gilbertese what!!!!!it doesnt make us gilbertese unless you want to be one then go ahead but you can never be both!!!!respect the other but stay true to one.....

 The answer is simple. If you are from the ocean Island, then you are from Kiribati, else you are from Fiji if you resides on Rabi. You cannot be Banaban when you speak the great language of Kiribati. 


The right question should be which island am i belong to in Kiribati. 

Mauri Materina

My language is English and I am not English I am Australian with Irish, Welsh and German bloodlines - no English blood at all.

Same as Americans, New Zealanders and all other western countries that have no links at all to England.

So hard to base on language alone.

Regards Stacey

I totally agree with Stacey there any true Banaban with no I-Kiribati blood if there is so he or she is true I right..??

but why do we keep searching for our true identities.. too bad..

I for one and honest to say that I am both Banaban and I-Kiribati but please don't hate me cause I can't deny what else can I say..?

Mauri Ruteta hope you and family are all well including that wonderful mother of yours who I see is becoming an international jetsetter.

I wonder if future generations of Banabans will identify more as Fijians seeing the majority of Banabans now live in Rabi. Might only take a few more generations but very possible outcome even with all the Kiribati influence. A thought to ponder and the reason I would think that all Banabans need to uphold their own Banaban culture and identity for as long as possible.

Luv to all Kiribati end Stacey

Hi Stacey..thanks for the reply.

Mum is doing fine but will be heading back to Fiji on the 27th Oct if not she will be here with us till New Year... but she really wants to go back to Fiji..!!

But to say is there a future for the Banabans in Fiji these coming years...??? Am so proud to be a Banaban but please don't criticize our I-Kiribati side as we can't help it cause that's what our elders have created....what say..????

Anyway all the best to my Banaban brothers n sisters plus our I-Kiribati links n u true Stacey we should all need to uphold our Banaban culture n identity for as long as possible..

Luv to u n Ken.....Ruru.Touakin Betarim Rimon.

Who you are? where you from?  now depends from your heritage! There is alot of intermarriages these days so it is hard to clarify whether there is a true or pure Banabans? I believe you can tell that in the late 40's or 50's but hello its 2011.Questions arises too from other pacific islanders such as Hawaii. Are there pure Hawaiians? Now u can see some tiki ni mata( Chinese,Japanese Filipinos) but claim they are Hawaiian.(except that there is an island believed to be original Hawaiians) hard to tell....Now its funny to me when I open youtube and tyoe Banaban on the search engine there is another group of people  mostly asian looking kind claim their title Banaban, Check it out!!! on Youtube....



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