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It is what bothers me most on the Kiribationlinecommunity. Need to know the answer

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Mauri Roba I wonder it if is the old Halmahera (Gilolo) connection back to Auriaria invasion of the Gilbert island and on through to Banaba. Imagine DNA testing would prove the genetic link.

Regards Stacey


Hi Tebaou

In fact, there is no need to pobe this question......since I believed that many of us (Banabans) have the synthesis gore. I would proudly regarding myself as both whilst my elders are also from both ends......though we were raised up on Rabi Island still we cannot obliterate this gore since it is within us.......therefore we cannot deny the fact that we (Banabans) we the synthesis gore.......wats say????..... Regarding to your question Tebaou..."who are we? Banabans or I-Kiribati?" ...I suggest that the right answer for that is "Identified as both" but only if your generation were basically from Ocean Island then you could identify yourself as "A Pure Banaban"....... wats say????.............hope this would clear enough to clarify your confussions.....

Mauri Tebaou, 

If you have families in Kiribati it's always best not to ignore your roots that connect to them........we're just part of history that we couldn't resist but the good thing is when Banaba was colonised we didn't disappear as a race, we were born into the 19th century as a new race.....just be happy and content that you're a multi cultural person.


Mauri Tebaou,

 WEll i guess the only thing good coming out from your discussion is tthat it just shows who we r...we r nobody...

we r the most selfish people in the world..we r the most ungrateful people..we r just happy when the going is easy but when it is tough we 4get we r banabans...

We have the banaban voice..yet some of us r trying to voice a totally diferent voice...we have Stacey ae te i-matang who has done so much for us n yet we neva give thanks n all we do is bicker among ourselves, and if say 10 million was to be paid out to banabans then i guess all those who have commented would all say we r banabans...but now that the going is tough we r hearing a different voice...there is just no sense of patriotism...coz now all the wanna be's r saying r u fullblooded???...u r using the gilbertese language n if u on banaba u gilbertese?????...m proud to be a banaban n gilbertese???? iam wondering..Is this the banaban voice?????? 

there is no harm in keeping touch with your other roots....but please WANNA BE's do not brand us as GILBERTESE...dont you know your history...well i do not hate the gilbertese and yes i have some gilbertese roots but i have chosen whom Iam...IAM a Banaban...and only a Banaban voice is to be heard not a WANNA BE's voice..

I may not be full blooded--using as some claim gilberetese language--have other roots---multi racial as some may put it...but i know where i stand, coz i have always dreamed that one day we will be recognized in the world as Banabans, and you should too Tebaou...we Banabans have a that should never be forgotten...why dont we all hold hands in the Banaban cause rather than being like this...are we such simple minded people????...Let us be one.... we may speak in gilbertese but lets give a BANABAN VOICE...




Dear Obe,

This is a good place where we give our views and learn from each other, even if our opinions don't make sense.......the truth is we are also I-Kiribati and the TRUTH HURTS. 

So if we DREAM of having a Banaban identity one day, can you say how long will it take to be accomplished. Our reality at the moment is we have been given the priviledge to be called Fijians so isn't that great. We're part of a nation now, shouldn't we be great full. Now we can say I am a Fijian originally from Banaba. So what makes you think we will lose our identity. 

Nobody said anything about branding Gilbertese over Banabans...........we're already Gilbertese and Banaban and there's no harm in that. What makes you think it will affect our identity. Only we can say I am Banaban and Gilbertese but the Gilbertese cannot say they're Banabans.

So what makes you think you're a proud Banaban. What makes you think you're so special apart from the Gilbertese. We're all the same when it comes down to the word HUMAN RACE. And we should be grateful that we're so blessed here living in a multi cultural society.


C yah....

Mauri Qase,


Same ol same ol....always contended with the present way of things...hehehe...well iam just afraid that if we are like you than our DREAM will never be accomplished.


Qase no offense but come on serious!!! Is that the best you can come up with.......tcktcktck ko a moana ni mamaninga....Close your eyes for a moment n try n remember your history...if it doesnt work knock your head a bit..hahahaha...look wat i was trying to get across was us being ONE in having the same goals n same voice, thats all..coz our identity is already affected and it is affected by opinions such as yours and lifestyles we r growing up you know who we r in Fiji..OTHERS! QASE OTHERS!....not Fijians so it is not Great!!!and yes i thank the Almighty for living in a multi-cultural society but i pray that we r recognised as Banabans not only in Fiji but by the HUMAN RACE...oh n do you know who r in the HUMAN RACE,'recognised' races and ours is not one of them, and your very not helpful opinions about what makes me a proud Banaban and what makes me special is way out of the point coz we r from the same tree and yet you tell me What makes me...


And what r we may i ask you coz m confused with your say we r also I-Kiribati and Banabans...come on man...Okay if that is how you feel than pity your Banaban side because it is not yet recognised in the world, be happy 4 your Kiribati side is already recognised so why not help your Banaban side in whatever way you can..come on man...let us BE ONE.Look at all the comments of the young who r not on the island n those away from us...they r becoming unpatriotic...and they r the educated ones...Look think of us also who want our Banaban identity,culture and traditions to be recognised because for me nothing is enough until we r recognised...enough bread crumbs...Let us learn from ken an stacey's example and let us be examples here to our generation..let us be one


you may wonder what can we do..well lets start first to be one...and then we will see from there.


Qase may you have a very blessed long life.

Mauri Obe,

We will always be from the same ol tree Obe but our opinions and views are different. And if you look at the old man he was a loving person and his love extended to Kiribati. We are his legacy, from Banaba with LOVE.

So lets not distinguish ourselves from the I-Kiribati because most of us have I-Kiribati blood in us. We must also accept them as part of ourselves and we cannot just say I AM BANABAN because most of our great grand parents came from Kiribati, a society with its own custom, culture and tradition which has made us who we are today. If we neglect their blood lines would that make ME a complete person????? 

We can always say I AM BANABAN but we must also not ignore our cultural heritage from Kiribati because a blessing comes in many forms.

And we are not eating bread crumbs here in Fiji......we have so many privileges here in Fiji. Land, Education, Health Facility, Transport Services, Public Amenities. You ask yourself whose stopping you from using those services? Even though we have been categorised into the minority group of FIJIANS we haven't been withheld from any services that everyone here is receiving. No one's stopping you from those blessings Obe, SO we should be happy and content BECAUSE we have so many resources here and nothing is threatening our SURVIVAL.


Bless you my sonny boy.

mauri Qase,


Okay so we stay as we are now and use the privileges we have and thats it...


FInish..just that..being contented with the way things are..


Our Old Man extended his love only but not his IDENTITY....i have said this and i will say it again Thank GOD for us living in a Multi cultural country...BUT i Pray that we r recognised as Banabans not only in FIJI but BY THE WHOLE WORLD!!! THE whole Freaking WORLD!!!!!


Qase m talking about IDENTITY and you about SURVIVAL and LOVE and BEING BOTH BANABAN AND I-KIRIBATI.


I will inform you again now, in case you did not get it in the first place...I DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING AGAINST THE I-KIRIBATI!!!!!!!!

I only have something against those who suppress our IDENTITY and say we r not BANABANS but I-KIRIBATI ....that is WRONG!!!!!!

QASE m with you in what you r saying but i will always be against you if think we r better we leave it there...coz my heart is saying m a Banaban even though i have I-Kiribati connection but cant help it coz our OLD MAN extended his love to them so i will love them also cos as u put it without them m not whole but- m- not- them!!!....we can never be both cos we r different. 

Compare say a guy ae te I-Tarawa ao te I-Makin he is I-Kiribati..cos both islands are truly I-Kiribati.... to a guy who is te I-Tarawa ao te I-BANABA now this is different cos both ISLANDS were different from the beginning so he is either I-Kiribati part BANABAN Or BANABAN part I-KIRIBATI... the choice is his.... PLUS what right do the I-Kiribati have on BANABA when the Banabans have no say on any I-Kiribati Island...Eara ngkai ena BAIBAI te I-Kiribati iaon Banaba Ao ngkana e baka manen aban te I-Tarawa ao e bon nakoina manena ma ngkana ena baka manen abara ao e reke naba aia share... ngkana tao tiaki te mane ba tao tera why still ena iai ana share ke ana say iaon abau ao akea au taeka ngkana e reke kabaiana man abana? .....Where is the Justice in this where they are saying we r them but treating us as such. We need to gain recognition in the world to be freed from such injustice.Coz we Banabans r not like them....this is just one reason so do not get any more ideas about my example.....


The coming to Rabi may be a blessing in disguise but it doesnt mean we forget who we r...coz if we r contented with the way things are what will happen to us in twenty,thirty or forty years time. WHO WILL WE BE?? BANABANS WHO DO NOT KNOW THIER WAYS????  I-KIRIBATI???THE TRULY FORGOTTEN PEOPLE??? ....


i do not want to be a forgotten people and again since you are both BANABAN and I-Kiribati i beg you to help your Banaban side to gain recognition in the world for your I-kiribati side is already known.


It is just not fair that we Banabans know we r different and yet to be robbed of our IDENTITY...are we going to be robbed always...Do you QASE feel happy if one day you r robbed of your name and the next robbed of your clothes in front of the whole world and still being robbed....well m not.





Mauri Obe,

Guess I'll ave to tok about water since the 15 is around n there'll b alot of rain coming soon to de island.

Yes...What is water?

Well Water is the chemical substance with a chemical formula H2O: one molecule of water has two hydrogen atoms covalently bonded to a single oxygen atom. In other words let me explain in u're chemistry language, without two hydrogen atoms and a single oxygen atom you cannot have water and as you know without water here on earth there is no LIFE. If you put it a in formula form: H+O2=H2O.

So why worry about identifying the hydrogen atom and oxygen atom separately. Did you know that Hydrogen on its own is highly flammable and a high concentration of oxygen can cause combustion.

Water has a central place in the practices and beliefs of many religions for two main reasons.  Firstly, water cleanses.  Water washes away impurities and pollutants, it can make an object look as good as new and wipe away any signs of previous defilement.

Water not only purifies objects for ritual use, but can make a person clean, externally or spiritually, ready to come into the presence of his/her focus of worship.  Secondly, water is a primary building block of life.  Without water there is no life, yet water has the power to destroy as well as to create.  We are at the mercy of water just as we are at the mercy of our God. The significance of water manifests itself differently in different religions and beliefs but it is the quality of water that underlie its place in our existence.


Happy 15th.

Eritai & Obeta,

You too stop the nonsense, we were all created in God's own image, after his likeness. Not only that think about this; How did this Race come about or existed? Did it exist because of an outcome that was pleasing to God?

Hope it opens your spiritual eyes!

Love you both!


Mauri Maka,

I think it's about time these two leave this page cos they have been filling it for quite awhile and like their debating is ending up nowhere!!!

Well how about for a change, can we start discussing issues on ways to have a TB Free island for the coming years as this is the main concern in the this way everyone can contribute with a good heart and not for the sake of winning a debate or whatsoever...but for the benefit of everyone, young and old and generations to come :)


Good suggestion Bua what about starting a NEW DISCUSSION on the subject and see where it goes.

Regards Stacey



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