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Rabi - First Contact

Monday, July 22, 2013

Our first trip ashore at Albert Cove (the settlement of Motawi) was a short one and we met the people who lived in two palm-thatched houses just off the beach. We took some tea and noodles as gifts and chatted for awhile. The patriarch of the larger family, Samuel, was visiting the couple who lived on their own, close to where we beached the dinghy.…

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Rabi Island Background - Cruise of the Ladybug

Monday, July 22, 2013

The following are some notes on the history of the Banabans on Rabi Island, mostly taken from the excellent "Moon Guide to Fiji".

The people on Rabi island are originally from a 6 square kilometer atoll called Ocean Island, later named Banaba and now part of Kiribati. Ocean Island was exploited by the British for it's rich phosphate mines between…

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The Bells of Rabi Island - Cruise of the Ladybug

Tuesday, July 23, 2013
As we sailed away from the village of Tabwewa on Sunday morning, the bells began to chime, calling the people to church. Earlier, a handful of cheerful and noisy children had paddled and swum out to Ladybug to say hi, but few adults were to be seen. And…

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Rabi Island Council dissolved



Thu 27 Jun 2013

SUVA, Fiji --- The Rabi Island Council has been dissolved for allegedly not meeting targets set by the government.

This was confirmed to FBC NEWS by Salimoni Karusi of the Prime Minister’s Office

Karusi says the government and the council had an agreement for some works to be…


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Charcoal from coconut

FIJI TIMES ONLINE Luke Rawalai Saturday, June 01, 2013

COMMUNITY and group representatives participating in a three-week training workshop at the Mua Wholenut Processing Center on Taveuni are learning to produce charcoal from coconut shells.

Acting agricultural officer at the Mua Research Center Susana Yalikanacea said there were many uses for charcoal including medicinal purposes.

Mrs Yalikanacea said the best provider of these fine…


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Rabi and Kioa Islanders combine to build house of worship

FIJI TIMES ONLIN Salaseini Moceiwai Monday, May 20, 2013

PEOPLE of Rabi and Kioa living in Labasa are in need of a church building to house them during their fellowship every week.

Last Saturday, the islanders organised an inter-cultural dance competition for the purpose of strengthening their relationship and to generate ideas of fundraising for the proposed building.

Leader of the Rabi Island community in Labasa Christopher Karia said they did not own a…


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Banabans Preserving culture and tradition in FIji

FIJI TIMEs online Salaseini Moceiwai Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Kioan dancer joins the Rabi dancers at the Rabi Kioa Intercultural Dance Show in the Labasa FSC hall yesterday. Picture: LUKE RAWALAI + Enlarge this image

A Kioan dancer joins the Rabi dancers at the Rabi Kioa Intercultural Dance Show in the Labasa FSC hall yesterday. Picture: LUKE RAWALAI…


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Strategies in place to revive Fiji coconut industry

Fiji Times Online Salaseini Moceiwai Monday, May 06, 2013

THE Copra Millers of Fiji Limited (CMFL) and government have put in place strategies to sustain copra production in the country.

As part of these long and short term strategies, government appointed a Coconut Industry Steering Committee with the objective of implementing a Coconut Industry Reform Program for 2012 to 2014.

CMFL executive chairman Ilisoni Taoba said committee…


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Coconut craft a hit with customers in Fji

FIJTIMES ONLINE Serafina Silaitoga

Friday, May 03, 2013

THE demand for handicraft items made from coconut trees on Taveuni have prompted a plea for women in rural areas to make use of their coconut plantations for income-generating purposes.

The products which are made by students at the Department of Agriculture's Wholenut Processing Centre is becoming popular among expatriates, hoteliers and residents.

Head of training at the centre Susana Yalikanacea…


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Nuts for the Future (FIJI)

Fiji Times Online Ana Madigibuli Tuesday, April 30, 2013

OUT of the estimated 10 million coconut trees in Fiji, almost 70 per cent are termed senile.

This, Ministry of Agriculture's director extension, Vatimi Rayalu, said this meant that most of the trees were 60 to 100 years old.

Mr Rayalu revealed this as he highlighted the government's intention to diversify the coconut industry by looking at other coconut products and bio-products…


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Market for unique Coconut items

FIJI TIME ONLINE Serafina Silaitoga Thursday, April 25, 2013


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Workshop participants learn coconut oil improvement skills

FIJI TIMES ONLINE Luke Rawalai Thursday, April 18, 2013


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Ex-USP girl's tale of terror

A DAY that started with fanfare, high fives and smiles all-round ended in bloodshed and nightmare for a former Fiji scholar and teacher who was at the Boston Marathon.

Nina Ferry, who attended the University of the South Pacific and taught at International Secondary School, said in the aftermath of the twin bombing, the tragedy was still terrifying.

"I have never been so terrified and lost in my life," the former Suva resident told this newspaper.



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British files show colonial grip on Banabans

Radio New Zealand International Posted at 03:27 on 15 April, 2013 UTC

Declassified files from the British colonial era show how leaders from Rabi island in Fiji were denied cash they said they needed to build an economy.

Officials tracked the islanders’ movements in the fear they were buying arms and ammunition for an insurrection.

Ben Lowings reports from London.

“The Rabi islanders had many causes for…

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Rabi Island figths against TB

Fiji Time Online Luke Rawalai Wednesday, April 10, 2013

THE Rabi Island Council is working with the Health Ministry to stop the spread of tuberculosis on the island.

Council chairman Bauro Vanualailai said they were working closely with health centre workers to address the issue with the villagers.

Mr Vanualailai said the disease may be prevalent with the Banaban people because of their culture.

"We are a communal and fun-loving people and our…


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Exciting project - Rabi Island

Fiji TImes Online  Luke Rawalai  Sunday, April 14, 2013

THE people of Rabi are looking forward to the proposed virgin coconut oil factory which is to be built on the island soon.

Former Banaban Women Group co-ordinator and project initiator Terikano Takesau said the project would also benefit other communities close to the island.

Ms Takesau said they were working closely with these villages…


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Magic of the Sea - Banabans on Rabi Island

Fiji Times Luke Rawalai Friday, April 12, 2013

THE sight of a tiny fishing canoe, the…


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Rabi islanders look for economic opportunities

Fiji News 17:03 Yesterday

Islanders in Rabi

Taken from/By: FBC News

Report by: Epeli Tukuwasa

The people of Rabi are looking forward to more economic opportunities following government investments on the island.

Three major developments projects were recently commissioned by the Prime…


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First time for Rabi women

FIJI TIMES ONLINE Dawn Gibson Wednesday, March 20, 2013


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