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Stacey King's Blog – March 2009 Archive (26)

Australia-NZ website helps Pacific people send remittances


Updated 31 March 2009

A new internet site has been set up by the Australian and New Zealand Governments to help Pacific Islands people send remittance money back to their home islands more efficiently after complaints from some Pacific communities in both countries over the high costs involved in transferring money overseas. The Send-Money-Pacific site is a joint project of OzAid and… Continue

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Fiji Employers welcome Australian skilled migrant cuts


Updated Mon Mar 30, 2009 4:15pm AEST

Fiji's Employers Federation says the cuts announced to Australia's skilled migration intake earlier this month, are good news for Fiji as it will slow the country's "brain drain". With the international financial crisis biting, Australia's skilled migration intake for the year to the end of June has been cut by 14%, with building and manufacturing… Continue

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Messages from SAYRE HOLMES have now been deleted...

You may have recently recieved a message via BANABAN VOICE from a new member called - SAYRE HOLMES. This person joined our site and then sent emails to a lot of us to try and sell ringtones for our phones. I have already BANNED their membership so that is why you cannot retrieve any email as once a member is banned - all their messages left on Banaban Voice get wiped as well.

So please disregard her email as it is typical of a lot of the scams and junk mails that are out there in… Continue

Added by Stacey King on March 30, 2009 at 8:30am — 2 Comments

DX Ham Radio Link between Banaba and Kiribati

Welcome to 320DA011 Karl

DX Adventurer Radio Club

March 29, 2009 by darren

The Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) is pleased to introduce its latest member in the Pacific Ocean area…320DA011 Karl. Based on the secluded Micronesian isle of Banaba, Karl is a well known and respected Freeband DXer in the Oceania region who commutes between his homeland in Western Kiribati… Continue

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Public warned over plastic trash as major threat to Largest Sea Turtle

As reported by Marine Pollution Bulletin -Rongorongo Man AMI Tautaeka Issue dated: 20 March 2009

The Ministry of Environment, Lands and Agricultural Development is warning the public from throwing plastic trash out in the open sea for fear of ingestion by the endangered sea turtles. Deputy Director of the… Continue

Added by Stacey King on March 27, 2009 at 12:48pm — 1 Comment

National Fire Authority Training in Rural Schools - Rabi


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

ABOUT 7000 Cakaudrove children are undergoing training as the National Fire Authority attempts to reduce fatalities associated with fires. NFA spokesperson Mileta Ting said although the authority had not finalised statistics, there was a high incidence of fatal fires last year.

"We are targeting children because we find that they are the most effective medium," she… Continue

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Eruptions continue in Tonga but not linked to earthquake


20 March 2009

Vulcanologists are dismissing any connection between an undersea earthquake near Tonga and the volcanic eruptions off the coast of the island nation's capital Nuku'alofa. On Friday morning an earthquake of magnitude 7.6 on the Richter scale triggered a tsunami warning for all nations in the region. The warning was later lifted, but schools and Government offices… Continue

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***Banaban Voice Members now 200 - Congratulations Tamaz ***

Mauri and congratulations Tamaz you are our 200th member on Banaban Voice.

Welcome aboard and hope you enjoy your time here and journey.


Added by Stacey King on March 20, 2009 at 4:00pm — 5 Comments

Photos of deep sea volcano erupting off coast of Tonga


By ninemsn staff

Plumes of smoke, steam and rock were blasted 10km into the sky after a deep sea volcano erupted off the coast of Tonga.

The eruption posed no threat to humans, with strong winds pushing the airborne rock and smoke… Continue

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Underwater volcano erupts in sight of Tongan capital


18 March 2009

An underwater volcanic eruption has sent up spectacular clouds of smoke, steam and ash within sight of the Tonga capital, Nukualofa, and a team from the Tongan Ministry of Lands is heading to the area west of the main island of Tongatapu by boat on Thursday to investigate the phenomenon, which began with an earthquake on Monday. A similar undersea… Continue

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Farmers not convinced by the launch of Vanuatu's first rice project


18 March 2009

Vanuatu's Ministry for Agriculture is launching the country's first rice project in a bid to reduce the dependency on imported grains, encouraging local farmers to move away from traditional root crops and plant rice instead. However, a group representing ni-Vanuatu farmers says it's unlikely locally grown rice will be able to compete with… Continue

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Space Probe to Measure How Sloshed Mother Earth Is

MILLER-McCUNE - Science and Environment

A European satellite scheduled to launch today will provide hard data on rising seas

By: Bruce Dorminey | March 15, 2009

What do the fates of the tiny Pacific island nations of Tuvalu, Tonga, Kiribati and the Russian launch of a gleaming new European gravity satellite have in common?

Gravity… Continue

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The End of an Era with the Loss of Two More Banaban Elders


Tebuke Rotan Buakonikai and Ata from Uma

It was sad to hear news from Molly Amon on Rabi today of the passing of two more of our Banaban Elders.

Many of the te I-Matang's involved in Banaba and Banaban history over the years will remember Tebuke as the young Banaban man who went to England to take the Banaban quest for justice to the UK High Court. His epic journey featured in various TV documentaries over the years… Continue

Added by Stacey King on March 13, 2009 at 7:40pm — 1 Comment

The Sad Passing of Banaban Elders - Tebuke Rotan and Ata from Uma



Hi all!! Tao kama bon tia n ongo ke kam tuai ae a manga motirawa man te maiu aei Ata are taman Kuamatang ao Tebuke Rotan. A kaiaaki rabataia nte bong aei (Friday).

I could recall the funeral of Nei Nnere(Tebuke's mom),where all of Rabi gathered for the funeral. She wasn't a Banaban but aron matenakina bon te bai ae moan te roko raoi. E bon rangin tekeraoi te aine aei bwa e bon rangin rungaki raoi aron matenakina. Ngke e mate Rotan ao ngkai ea manga… Continue

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Australian Trade Mininster - Simon Crean says PACER plus good for the Pacific


Thu Mar 12, 2009 4:21pm AEDT

Australia's Trade Minister, Simon Crean is reacting strongly to claims made over the past week by the former Director of Economic Governance at the Pacific Islands Forum secreatariat, Dr Roman Grynberg, who criticised Australia and New Zealand's treatment of their Pacific nieghbours in trade negotiations.

Presenter Jemima… Continue

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Pacific states warned of invasive organisms


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Captain Chris Marshall of the Fiji Ports Corporation

THERE is a need for Fiji and Pacific island countries to be wary of dangerous species that threaten coasts and lagoons.

There is also a need for countries to ratify the International Convention for Ballast Water… Continue

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Sea claims Rabi diver


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

THE sea claimed another life after a diver from Rabi Island drowned at the weekend.

Police said they are concerned that drowning statistics have doubled compared to last year.

Toaea Meneia, 23 of Buakonikai Village went out spear diving early last Friday.

Spokesman Atu Sokomuri said the deceased was out with another villager Maretino… Continue

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US Navy ship 'Dubuque' to take part in humanitarian mission to South Pacific

The San Diego-based amphibious transport dock ship Dubuque will be heading to the South Pacific on a humanitarian aid mission later this year, the Navy's Pacific Fleet command said last week.

The mission, called Pacific Partnership 2009, will visit Kiribati, the Marshall Islands, Samoa, the Solomon Islands and Tonga. The duration and departure date were not… Continue

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Call for Pacific team in expanded Super Rugby competition


Mon Mar 9, 2009 4:34pm AEDT

For years now the New Zealand All Blacks and the Australian Rugby teams have relied on the talents of Pacific islanders. This has also filtered through to the Super 14 rugby competition with Samoan, Fijians and Tongans in particular lending their talents to the different teams. Now the competition organisers are looking to expand the competition, and… Continue

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Give Pacific division a second chance New Zealand

Monday Mar 09, 2009

By Tapu Misa New Zealand Herald

I don't blame the new Immigration Minister for wanting to accentuate the negative in the Ernst & Young report on Immigration New Zealand's beleaguered Pacific division. It makes it so much easier to sign the execution order that will put it out of existence.

But it's not the whole story. And if the Pacific communities… Continue

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