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Bananban Student Association (BSA) - Fiji National University

Friday the 5th day of March marks the election of newly chosen leaders for the Banaban Student Association at the Fiji National University. The Association aims to uphold and prolong cultural identity, encourage individuals to concentrate and put their heads only in school matters, to promptly deal with student matters and action it out to the school 'if' serious and last but not the least to draw everybody together to share and help those in need. This was the sole reason why the Association is once again sparked to operation this year.

Members of the BSA included all I-Banabans in their respective schools. The School of Fiji College of Agriculture, School of Maritime Studies, School of Nursing and School of Business Studies, Tourism and Hospitality. Registration of names in still in process, however it was revealed that the number exceeded 40 compared to last years where the number of BSA members exceeded 80. The reason for the decline in number as at 2010 Trimester 1 owes to student going out to do practical in the industry.

The turn-out was surprisingly very positive with elders present for the election. Nominees were nominated and appointed based on majority vote. The Association maintains gender equality at any chance, so the association have very outspoken female leaders and soft spoken, slow to anger male leaders; who will blend together to formulate a very strong team.

Special thanks to all members for their support and valuable ideas that will highly and positively contibute to the build up of the association.

Update picture coverage of the BSA will be later posted. Till then, we will be back to further update you all our Banaban brothers and sisters.

RAE Itinterunga

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