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Kam na mauri,

Aio ana reta Ruthy Rawson ni kaota ibukin ana waaki ni buoka nakon te SDA church I Nuku.

Ana waaki Ruthy aio ea tia Butau Bureitetau ni kabongana n te aro ni kewe ao ni kabuakaka inanon ana campaign.

Dear Rabi Council of Leaders,

Mauri from Albury, Australia.

I am writing to you to explain why and how the Nuku SDA community building was restored.

My name is Ruthy and in 1978 I worked as a teacher at Vatuvonu school at Buca Bay. I taught many Rabi students that year - Rakera, Eritabeta, Rinaba, Runga, Barikitea, Teute, Tebeioua to name a few (sorry if the spelling is incorrect). I visited Rabi and stayed in some of these people's homes.

In 1979/80 I returned to Rabi and stayed again with my SDA friends. In 1986 I returned with my husband and again stayed at Nuku in SDA church members homes.

In 2007 I returned with my daughter to holiday again within the SDA community at Nuku. This time I saw the damage to the 'Dorcas' or community building. My Rabi SDA friends wondered whether I might be able to help in its repair. I was able to. I came back to Austrlaia, shared the story with many of my friends here, worked hard and raised the money for it's restoration. I then contacted my Rabi friends, saying I had raised the money.

I returned to Rabi in April, 2008 and paid for the materials for the restoration of the building. This was a very happy time for me. I did this because I wanted to help my wonderful SDA Rabi friends, there was no other reason. I did it of my own free will. This had nothing to do with any other Rabi people or the Rabi Council. I do not think that I have ever personally met anyone from the council ever. Certainly the matter of the restoration of the building had nothing to do with any council member.

A part of my heart lives on Rabi. I love my Rabi friends and I hope that I will be able to travel to Rabi again this year to visit them.

I hope that I have not done anything to upset the council. My actions were done only out of love for my friends.

Thank you, Ruthy Rawson

Ti au bubuti nakoimi bwa kam na kawakini ngkami mai irouia taan campaign aika bati ni kewekewe nai aron te Uaei.

Teke raoi,


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Comment by Iareta.Titau on September 3, 2009 at 4:10pm
hi everyone
thank u for creating this small place where we can join together........
all the best and God bless Banaba
Comment by Ken Sigrah on July 29, 2009 at 3:54pm
Hi Terry,
If I may say, that all gratitudes and appreciations should be credited to the Rawson family and their friends that have never stopped helping our people back home on Rabi regardless of all issues that had been thrown their way. I believe that what happened last time was just an hicckup within the turmoil of politics but politic is over so is this issue, but it is a good learning curve for us to be more careful in future not to jeopardize the good will and intension of others who are willing to help the unfortunate the best way they can. Just to let you know that I met the Rawsons on Rabi last June, still maintaining and continue their volunteer work with the SDA back home. This is their passion that only comes from the heart. God Bless them and all involved.
Hey Terry, are you planning to be elected next election from Uma? If you are then you better start your course on politics..... take care.

Comment by terry atauea on July 29, 2009 at 3:03pm
Hi, big man Ken......
Thanks a thousand times for digging so deep to get to the root cause of the problem. I do believe there are people who are willing to help but, might turn a blind eye on us if we don't give respect to where it is due.
I heard of the restoration of the Dorcas building with a family staying at Rakera's place if I am correct, but have no idea that such a "good Samaritan's" kind effort would be turned into a political agenda. I pity the mentioned campaigner but, if he could verify his point regarding this issue would be fine, otherwise?
On a personal note, I want to thank every individual, group or organization that have granted out of a heart of love assistance to our beloved Banaban community on Rabi.
I wish to urge my fellow Banaban brothers and sisters to cherish our God given cultural values and virtues that drives unity, peace and harmony with one another and friends from other nationalities.
For a better and prosperous Banaban community......Go Rabi Go!!!!!
I am not campaigning, just sharing a neutral view.
Until then, see you in the next election, hahahahahahahahaha
Comment by Kabunginteiti on April 30, 2009 at 4:45am
I like to say thanks for remembering our small community SDA on Rabi, above all just to add more blessing thanks to you Ruth.
we are bless by the completion of the building, and it is our prayer that the Lord will bless your family.
Comment by Ken Sigrah on January 30, 2009 at 10:23am
I would like to clarify the Butau campaign problem. The reason why I asked Ruth to write to Rabi Council of Leaders was to clarify her link with the SDA members -Nuku Rabi because Butau had printed material from the Rawson website and the Banaban website and started campaigning saying that Ruth's aid project was suppose to go to the Banaban Community ( if you have read Ruth's letter to the RCL then you'll know that Butau had lied big time).

I had been contacted from Rabit to clarify the truth behind this matter and that is why I contacted Ruth personally to clarify the matter in writing to RCL.

Butau didn't stop there but went on lying saying that Chairman Teatu moved this Aid fund to the SDA Nuku. This sort of campaigning should stop. Butau should consider the damage he can cause even to people like the SDA church members. Also our elders who could not speak English but listen to him and the good friends of Rabi SDA-the Rawsons and other IMatang who love the Banabans. The reason why I bring this issue up is only for one reason and that is ' that we do not want these websites we sponsor to be used for the spreading of misinformation just as Butau has done.

Now I hope this issue is closed and I won't go on any further on the matter and all has been properly clarified.

To all the Banabans living away from the island, I can assure this matter has been well discussed back on the island and the people back home are very aware of what has been said. Let us get on with life and hopefully whoever get voted into the next Council will get our support 100 percent.

To all our Banaban friends vote well and let's hope in the future that people's good intentions are not destroyed by personal gain. Hope its a lesson for all of us!

Tia boo moa.
Comment by Stacey King on January 29, 2009 at 7:44am
Mauri Roba
In this case there is only one side to the story. Go to Ruth's blog at: and read all about her continuing work on Rabi. Why do some of the people back home have to now twist people's good intentions (especially regarding a church project) and turn it into a political issue. No wonder half the te I-Matang's who have tried to help the Banaban community in the past run a mile when they end up getting their good intentions turned into some else.
Keep politics to politics, and keep aid out of it!
Regards Stacey
Comment by Roba on January 29, 2009 at 7:25am
Can we hear the other side of the story too cause there is always two side. What was the campaign message that exist which might be true or false about the rebuilding the SDA Docas community hall?
This candidate, where did he get his information from? I wonder if its his own assumption thinking that the Chairman of RCL is a former SDA Rev Minister so he (Candidate) thought the chairman might allocate some funding for the building?Just an opinion? Or what was all behind this story?
Comment by Stacey King on January 28, 2009 at 4:26pm
Thanks Ruth sorry for this little mix up, but we all know of your wonderful heart felt good intentions for helping your Banaban friends and good on you!

It's always a shame when good intentions get twisted around to be something else. That's why it is important to make sure that misinformation is addressed and corrected.

Keep up the good work!
Regards Stacey
Comment by Terenga. Sukong on January 28, 2009 at 4:19pm
Kae koaua e bon kakaongora ao e kananokawaki ngke iai aomata aika anga nanoia ni kan ibuobuoki ao tabeman a manga spoil it. Ana riai ni karabwarabwa nakon te aine are e kukurei man kan buobuoki nakoia kain ara race ni banaba.
Comment by Roba on January 28, 2009 at 12:52pm
Wow interesting!!!


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