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Termination of Two RCL Councillors and E.D.

Dear People,

Due to the request from our people to disclose the rumours of two councillors and ED regarding their termination, I do not have any prerogative on the matter, since it is the PM's office that independantly carried out that study. Anyway since the news has spread and the people wanted to know or hear from the horse's mouth, I do not hesitate but to announce the following:

Yes it is confirmed that the termination of Cr. Rewi and Cr. Tebaia and ED. Molly Amon has been officially disclosed to RCL and to the public. This termination was served on the 24th of March, 2010. It was served from the PM's office and the letter sent to them (individually). This came about when the PM's office carried out an Audit of RCL account in 2006-2008. Evidence of office abuse and financial mismanagment was sighted. Included in the report is the use of nepotism, collusion and conflict of interest.

Just to correct the information that our then MP left our shores without any knowledge of this, he left before the 24th of March, 2010. AO actually was informed to get in touch with him and to inform him of the decision by the PM's office. Part of this letter or conditions that all priviledges accorded to them are to be effectively stripped immediately and they will no longer pariticipate or run for the next 2 coming election terms (8years).

God bless the Banaban people

Dr Paulo (Bauro) Vanulailai


Rabi Council of Leaders

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Comment by Naitiniwa Teitiaki Tokinteiti on April 23, 2010 at 12:14pm
sad to hear that. Being a leader is when you are entrusted to all assignments that are given to you by your people. Overturning that entrustment can harm the herd. Thanks to Cr Rewi and to Cr. Tebaia and ED Molly for their efforts whilst in council. To our councillors in office please let our Heavenly Father guide you all in everyday task so we Banabans may prosper with our young generation following. God bless you


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