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At 11:47am on September 9, 2009, Emmaline Spring-Lobendahn said…
Long time eh!!!..i know we have the real deal that's y his getting worked up for nothing:)...isa, we all fine and well...have 4 kids now...3 my own and 1 from nei tei:( m very busy with them...can't wait for them to grow up, find work and get the hell know we will miss them wen they actually leave...Hubby is fine also...moteta always pose in front of him when we meet but he shud rem that we got 3 ways to go but his got only 2!! the more ways the better..hahahaha...

Howz you family? how many kids now?...i also run into Helen wen i was back in the island...tamani grog champ...i hope u still don't smack the grog!!

isa, my sis...u take care and love and kisses to the fam back at home...please do kip in has been so long....
At 2:26pm on September 8, 2009, bae'nana Lillian Teirei said…
hi how r u n wherez the familz??????
itz been so long .
how r u n howz zena????
At 1:02pm on September 8, 2009, moteta corrie said…
Hey, I`m not that bad to kill someone....its out of self-defence....especially from that drama queen in Melbourne....boy...she`s got a tough mouth and the hands to go with it. Shes threating me but she forgot that I hav statues and my body-guards are just a scream away.

Looking forward to the week-end.
At 12:11pm on September 8, 2009, Mary Spring said…
hi marls
mehn im having a good time here readin mots comments..gosh he still has the humour and i always look forward to his comments...and it looks like youre going to have a good time on friday huh..neiko you're always welcome to join our wet kisses as long as we find our right target hubby is always available for you guys but 've got ata at the
hey are you still in narere?poor mots will have to catwalk on those gravel road...tokina ngke ea bon break ana TINA TURNER get a camera ready and take a snap shot of her when she trips
lvoe you and loloma to the family
At 11:51am on September 7, 2009, moteta corrie said…
I mean see u on Friday
At 11:50am on September 7, 2009, moteta corrie said…
alrite, my sister, I`ll look forward to that. Isa,I didn`t come down coz it` so cold during the weekend, my 'ririniman' might freeze on my way down, but I`ll see Friday.
At 2:42pm on September 5, 2009, mokuaro itintau burenteweia said…
oh my gosh.........

hi aunty n how are ya n the gang.? nways did aunty cherry know abt tat fish catch yet in raiwai????????????lol

u two man ...

luv n rgds to all

u're beautiful niece.........(more than zeena i mean)lol
At 5:26pm on September 2, 2009, moteta corrie said…
Tell me when to come down, probably this weekend? B4 we go and check the fishes in Raiwai. That barracuda fish (Teke) is good for you to eat raw..........mmmmmm..............

At 12:29am on September 1, 2009, moteta corrie said…
Hi, Marls, I apologize for saying that I will come down but did not. something unexpected came up but I was looking forward to do my catwalk down to narere. Actually I`m in Makoi at the moment will go back to rabi within 2-3wks time. we should meet up at cheery`s house but we conform it 1st.

At 9:45am on July 3, 2009, Stacey King said…
Mauri Marlie

Your comments and follow up on RHS and Banaban education is so important. Why not start a discussion on Banaban or Rabi Education so it that will stay on BV permanently in the DISCUSSION pages and keep updating with your posts on the topic. Also did Paulo contact you about trying to get Rabi involved int he One Laptop per Child project?
Regards Stacey
At 12:28pm on May 26, 2009, MAREKO KATETA TEAI said…
whats the latest time you heading back home?
Im at scul and if can reach there few minutes after 4:00pm for you to bind my notes?
At 12:08pm on May 26, 2009, MAREKO KATETA TEAI said…
Nei Makuari ko kamanga?????
At 9:24am on May 26, 2009, MAREKO KATETA TEAI said…
hey kona mauri oo!! I've been looking for you and now you are here!!
Would you please send me your phone # cos i need some help from people like you.
Tao tia manga boo moa.
At 9:22am on May 26, 2009, Charlotte Corrie said…
Mauri Marlie,
Give our regards to Elliot and we wish him all the best from all our us- his Narere family in nz
At 1:45pm on May 25, 2009, Terairube Uatu said…
E raba naba te reitaki ao e uara ngkai Elliot. Hope he is doing fine and hoping to host a welcome and thanks giving party when he comes back.
At 11:32pm on May 23, 2009, Roba said…
oilei ganena!!!....its my pleasuuuuuuuuuuuuuure!!! Te raoi kam uara? ea roko Eliot tetei ikanne iroum i Suva...kai e raraba moa ana tangira te Uea ngkai e kona n kateimatoa nakoira te maiu ao te marurung ke kanga? Ngai i bon rangini marurung raoi ao nakon te aoa 12noon n tain Ohio ao e nang karairaki waau n okira San Bruno manga nako n reitaki ma bro ao sis in law i San Francisco,California.....e ang ea expire n Wednesday ae nako au contract mai Ohio ma e extended for another 2 days(yeah sis dats a blessings of helping people in need- more you give the more you rec'vd ke kanga???) so I am sooooooo excited to return to paradise and mingle with friends and families I left behind in the past 2 months time.I am still killing time now here in Ohio with this computer awaiting to be taken to the airport to check in at 12 or 1pm today. I am hoping I will have a safe flight back home...and also hope that Eliot (jr) is progressing with his injuries and health and wish him all the best in his endevours.This weekend is a long weekend here in the country cause Monday is Memorial Day so am excited ..the fijian saints in San Francisco 2nd Branch in California might have an activity,hopefully a BBQ beka ke sega na qai macala i muri ...lako beka na rollercoaster lol...OK sis happy Memorial day to you se Ratu Sukuna day ikeri beka??..might be Ratu Sukuna day there???? and hope all is well..all is well.Till we meet again here!!

Isa loloma yani to Eliot and your entire family!!!
At 6:47am on May 16, 2009, Ruteta Betarim Rimon said…
Hey sisi...e raba naba te comment inanon au page but anyway how is uncle n aunty ao kain ami auti plus bro Peter...??.....well ko ataa te place ae nna reke iai so pliz always feel free to share nakoiu kee..
We in Kiribas now but oneday nna manga bon raun wati if e rawata te paisa...hahahaha.
Sis e uara ngkai natim...well lets just put all our trust inanoni baia Dr's n nurses kee but most of all iroun God...take care n God bless

luv u sis..
At 9:38pm on May 15, 2009, Nails said…
Hi Malie, yes ..yes.. thats along time ago.... This is Samisoni. Epeli is now back in Rabi with Mum. Those times, lots of children n fun. You are not doing bad youself. Where about are you now? Is that your youngest with the injury.....hope he recovers fast. take care n keep safe. Keep in touch.
At 1:29pm on May 14, 2009, Mary Spring said…
nei pia where have you been hehehehe.oh my god i can't believe we get to meet up this way look good gal and how's your kids must be grown ups now.mwa
At 6:14am on May 13, 2009, Naitiniwa Teitiaki Tokinteiti said…
Mauri Marlie. I mena ngkai i xmas island with family (3 children, 4th with Rops in Tavua). Left seafaring back in 2000 and luckily got job ashore at Tarawa then arrived here in Sept 2005. I was here with Loleina Tiboua when she was manageress for Kiribati Insurance but she had been transferred back to Tarawa. Am attached with Kiribati Ports Authority. How's your son? Sorry to hear about the accident. We wish him a fast recovery. Are still with SPC? A mena ia Helen ao Ioio? Regards to your family.


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