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At 10:11am on September 10, 2009, tane nabong said…
At 3:51pm on September 7, 2009, matirita Nabong said…
Hi Sophia.
sorry for just contacting and its good to see you grown up.... look like a real baini or kai onotoa ... Be good and keep in touch .. regards to all at home
love always
At 10:27pm on September 5, 2009, Enita. Isopo said…
oh thanx cuxx
we're al fine,,,,,i think same with u guys there

ah really u have met with tane that's great
me 2 i want to meet with u guys but i try
to find a time keeer
and u will see who is the best boxer....i think i'll won
we'll see kee

take care
tons of lov
At 3:35pm on September 2, 2009, Enita. Isopo said…
hi cus
thanx for replying mine
oh yeah about my pic its nice keer'
pretty than u lol keer ehehehe
so hows school???
hows every1 there???

keep in touch
luv ya
At 7:28pm on August 19, 2009, nabongaratika tuvari said…
Hi Bunene! r u hope u doing fine well hows uncle Greg an the family?...bui! getting well with people over here an i am tired of eating fish....u know Niko uncle Gregs son his staying with unty Tawaruru his a chiky boy.ok just stoppin by take care an regards to all my cuzz over there bye ..oh call me pliz here is my number 8283635.
At 12:48pm on August 18, 2009, Enita. Isopo said…
hi cuzzz...
how r u hope fine same with us here...'
don't forget to keep in touch kee
luv u cuss
At 10:27am on August 18, 2009, Christina Maria Nabong said…
Hey ma beautiful cuzzie,

how are you and the famz??..yea we algd on our side...yeah jr is getn old lol..hs a big boy now more little guy,...

another day another $ lol..hows skol?

hey cuz u wouldn't happen to have any contact details for aunty julia or veniana??
Just trying to get a hold of aunty havent seen her since me and sifa cme over in 07, lol..hope she's good..

anyway i gota get back to work, u take care and keep up the good work @ skool..

lots of luv chris & aiyokee..

PS ma gurls alrite getting bigger each day, she's 19months ystrday she tried to go toilet on her own the monky lol..
At 3:21pm on August 16, 2009, Enita. Isopo said…
thanx cus for ur comment
oh im in form 4.......

say hi to every1 there kee
luv u cus al
At 12:40pm on August 11, 2009, Enita. Isopo said…
hey lol...
just poppin to say hi
and want to know if every1 is gud there..

and i saw tane's comment
something about exam
so ur going to sit an exam rite

gud luck if ur goin to sit
luv u always
At 10:42am on August 10, 2009, tane nabong said…
hi caz
so ur in class 8...sorry i didnot know but if u kant make it then its ok theere are alot of times n dais to came n we can meet on those dais wat ur prepared well 4 a little in4 Ninis husband u can have him coz i have had my turn...hahaha...well anyways u takea good luck in the exams n regards to every one at home
love tane
At 9:55am on August 10, 2009, Christina Maria Nabong said…
lol..hey cuz finally get to hear from you is everyone??..just @ work and its soo over today, cant wait to go home but im here till 6 :( lol..but hey gota pay my bills..say hiii to everyone, we had juniors 25th birthday on sat, he's getting old aye lol...go hard @ school and keep up the good work...

lots of luv from here
At 8:15pm on August 8, 2009, tane nabong said…
hi there.....c at the moment we both need to concerntrate on Flory n Ananis husband since they both have already taken the lead in building noahs ark......wat say....the cant say or do much to this since its for the family alone...we cud always borrow....wat say...hahahaha but wen it will be my turn dont worry m gona keep mine in a safe room that no one will have acess to it execpt me n me alone the way m gona be caming down to suva next week me n my sis we will be camping at sis Floris place so i think ill be doing the borrowing first....wat say caz we will be there untill sundai evening so if ur free pliz do kam around at least we cud meet there...wat say...we start the borrowin ok
takea for now
love tane
At 10:19am on August 7, 2009, tane nabong said…
hi caz how u doin?well we will jus c in the future.wen we meet. n jus a warning keep being prepared ok...
take love tane
At 1:08pm on August 4, 2009, Enita. Isopo said…
hey cus....

how r u???? and ur family
giv regards to them kee
luv u always

At 2:40pm on August 3, 2009, Christina Maria Nabong said…
OMG!!..hey cuz...

how are you?? found this website by accident, and its good coz i see there's alot of family in are you?? the profile pic lol..anyhu keep in touch
At 11:48am on July 31, 2009, Enita. Isopo said…
hiii cusss...
im so happy that u can write to me through this...
school good here and it fun...
i have now 2 brothers and 1 sister...
her name is kaaro...our grandma rite??

giv regards to every1...
luv u always...
At 9:54am on July 31, 2009, tane nabong said…
m really not gud in explaining or drawing up our familly tree coz m was adopted out to my mothers relative but all i know is that we are related through our fathers. my father is Ioera nabong n i think ur dad knows him more than i do. oh n i have a elder sister near to u in suva. i think that u might probably knw her more beta than me her name is Ananisi.married with a son. well u takea n regards to evry1
takeaa tane
At 9:30am on July 31, 2009, tane nabong said…
hi there its really great to have u as a friend
At 5:01pm on July 27, 2009, Enita. Isopo said…

i think u dont know me
my mom is mwatirita nabong
i just know that we are related

keep in touch..
At 10:26am on June 18, 2009, Flory said…
hey cuz so how is the studies...well hope all is well...anyways just drop in to say so take care and regards home


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