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At 3:18pm on June 13, 2011, samuel spring said…
mauri,haapy to be inform from you .I hope your fine and doing well there.This is your long time fogotten uncle.I'm at TERAINA  at the moment teaching at the jss.If you want to contact me do not hesitate to do so.see you.
At 1:16pm on July 14, 2010, Mr. Atabi Ewekia Baoa said…
Talofa Dimi
Ea koe na mai kona? Malosi? Matou mai konei e malosi, hehehehe. Maumau, i taku b'a koa maniga te Tuvalu language, hehehehe. It's good to hear that you are working at the Australian Embassy. You are better off there. Ti bon bane ni marurung. Bernard is on Vaitupu island attending Secondary School and my Princess Nanoua, hehe is still beside me here on Funafuti. E raraba naba te update mai ikanne ibukina ti ataia b'a kam bon marurung.

Ao tera ae tangiria am uncle anne ae Kire. Ti tuanga bae e botonim'ane teuane nakoina, hehehehe.

E tau moa tia bo moa.

At 4:56pm on July 8, 2010, mereani atauea said…
Mauri Dimmi it's uncle Kire can you email me details of that guy


At 3:50pm on July 7, 2010, Tokanikai Kirata said…
Mauri Sis,
Shshshshsh ko kanganga naba ba ngaia koa manga station i Tarawa. Anyway we are all fine and e raraba naba te news mai ikanne. ao ikai bon te mate naba are e kabaea roroana: Niki are natin Ben ma Nei Karawa. Manen Nei Tarabua Tairati.
Regards mai Rambi
Kaikai Kirata
At 7:23am on October 15, 2009, Joanna Kenny said…
ey bhajaru

thanks for the so...and...and..heheh
if you goin to ask...ol is gud...doin same shytie stuff...n yu???
cum on spill...hahaha...n upload a profile pic...

At 1:07pm on July 14, 2009, Mr. Atabi Ewekia Baoa said…
Ea koe? Hope still remember some Tuvaluan words from Mariko, hahaha. Howz life? Gud to hear that you're engaged or getting married, not really sure but all the best.
Neiko e ngara am koraki are Nakabuta Teuriaria. Ti kaitibo i Tonga ao e tuai ni manga email mai nakoiu. Ko anganna naba au kamauri. E tau tia bo moa.
At 5:09am on June 9, 2009, Latonia Hesaia Rasio said…
thanks sis mm recieved da money 4rm uncle...i'm startin in october the 5th for my next block...but i don't hav to pay straight away but will b given a date to pay upour fees n if payed late wil hav 2 pay a late fee of 50 dollars..niwayz hwz every1 dea???hwz spinky doin wit aunty n toto doin???hope dey r doin gr8...n hwz my 1 n only sweet heart doin????hey sis send my regards 2 all his brothers...n hw r u doin...niwayz i'll update u more on bebo...k sis n mak sua u share the luv....n again thank u very much 4 my skul fees.....

luv u heaps n miss u so much....mwah

ur queen
At 12:53pm on May 29, 2009, Mary Spring said…
mauri dimi so you're interested looking for your families too.well i didn't want to know anything at all when i was young so i've missed out alot coz i should have asked my grandma who knows more to our uncle said that kaka henrys dads name was henry robert spring and he was from california, dad did go to the states once to look for his family but failed which was sad to hear.
i'll feel you in more when i get in touch with my uncle okay.
love you dimi and take care
At 7:19am on May 28, 2009, Tikunteiti Touakin said…
Hi Dimi,

This is Tonia from suva. Haven't been a member of this Banaban voice but am using aunty's page when I saw you on line....but i will open up a new account now....
At 10:51am on May 27, 2009, Mary Spring said…
sorry for my mistake dimi but to clear it all up i'll put it this way.kaka davids mum(mary) and kaka henrys mum(tiaon) are sisters but kaka david grew up with my dads mum and were brought up as brothers.
sorry again darling for the confusion.
aunty mary
At 10:45am on May 27, 2009, Mary Spring said…
hello again darling and congrats with your engagement.well you're all grown up now and good to hear that you're doing dad didn't like my hubby at all coz he wanted to fix a boy for me from kiribati hehe but i disobeyed him and it pissed him off.we had a lot of problems and stephen knew everything too coz he was doing the driving around for our dad.he was very strict dimi and lucky for you not having a dad like us hehe.but we won in the end and still together after all the drama we went through.
well kaka david corrie was kaka henrys sisters son (mary my namesake) but grew up with my nan(tiaon corrie).kaka henrys dad was an american soldier(medical field) who met nanny tiaon in maiana during world war nan had to leave when she was pregnant with my dad coz the war had started between the japanese and americans.kaka henrys mum has scottish blood in her from her corrie side so its all confusing darling hehehe.
oh my husbands name is arvin kumar and my 2 girls hear alot of stories about you girls and my island side and they want to visit one day.wheres is your uncle mataio oh he was a character coz he used to admire aunty riria way back hehehe.give my love to your fiancee and regards to all the family and good to hear about your priorities in life hehe coz my priorites in life were pathetic.
love you darling and take care.
aunty mary
At 1:02pm on May 22, 2009, Mary Spring said…
hi darling and yes i do miss you guys alot.we used to babysit you and edwina when you were little and you've both grown up and very pretty too.edwina contacted me when i was in NZ and also told me about her friends.well its good that she got to sttle down coz i think she had problems with her visa but i'm happy to hear that shes fine now.well i haven't seen or talked to your dad for a long time now and hopefully he gets to see you girls both doing well without his support.your mum is a strong woman dimi.
well i have 2 girls now sandra(12) and shania(4).my husbands indian and i'm sorry darling coz i just know the maiana side of our late dads brother(david corrie) is trying to help me out with our family tree we can keep in touch and say hi to uncle sam for me if you see him around.i think punches for my girls would be good coz they're so spoiled.
love you dimi and regards to edwina and family.
take care darling and miss you heaps
love you & mwazzzzzzzzz
aunty mary
At 10:17am on May 14, 2009, Mary Spring said…
hi dimi this is aunty mary how are you and do you live in kiribati now?
luv you and take care
At 4:18pm on March 18, 2009, Tioua said…
mauri sis ko uara moa ngkai
At 1:48pm on March 16, 2009, Iosefa Talatolu said…
hi Dimi, how u doing out there???.....hopefully u are fine coz there are many lagoons around u...haha!!!!! Anyway.... hows school life ..... at this end everything is the same just as u left....... Mehn!!! I gotta be going and please send my regards to Loreen..... best of luck in what ever u doing......



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