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Anyone wants to tell stories about their old school days at RHS???....

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ok,thanks,ngai naba Temanna ataein RHS ao i kitana RHS n 1999.Au principle n te tai anne bon Nei Rubena Ientaake,ma te tai aei ao ngai ngkai i mena i Kiribati i Tarawa.Ao iaon tarawa ikai ao iaki botu ba kaain Rabi a mena naba ikai ke.Ae ataein naba RHS naron Auriaria,Tekeabuti,Kaburoro,nakai bon taian Seniors n ara tai n rei2 ao Auriaria bon au House Commander nte tai anne,ao ai ngai ae Abera T Peter.

Teari said:
Neiko ngaia anne are E rangi n tatangiriko iai te Prinicipal b'a are ko bon aki tatab'ara...E uara ngkoa am part are .....ko anenea korean te ribon n kaukan te New Science Lab.... ngkoa or something......neiko A bon rangi ni kaunga kain ami lots......ko mena naba ngkoa ikanne ngke a rikorikoaki kain te Lucky Flickers??? wondering if there is any Ex-Lucky Flickers member here on Banabanvoice....I am sure they will wana join this discussion to get in touch with their old members......hahaha.....tao ti aki ataia ao bon ngkoe naba ngkoa kaina ma are ko bon karabarabako nte tai arei b'a are ko bon rangi ni kamamaka naba te convey message to other ex-RHS students b'a e aonga ni kaunga ara discussion e kanga????
Itinteang said:
Bro, ko maninga aran butikara are Timoci Macanawai - Agricultural Science Biara Touakin said:
Let's all contribute to this:

These are principals of Rabi High School

Principal From To
Mr Teiwaki Benaia
Mr Narayan
Mrs Rubena Karakaua
Rev Allan Hedstrom 2006 2008
Mr Rajishwar Singh 2009

Uniforms of RHS
If anybody could contibute pictures of RHS uniforms

Location of RHS
Nuku 1980 1985

Staff of RHS
Mr Teiwaki Benaia History of Banaba 1980
Mr Fred Dickson PEMAC 1980
Mr Takele Biology/Basic Science 1980
Mr Mesake Tech Drawing 1980 - 1985
Mr Dayal Accounting 1980 - 1986
Mrs Dayal English 1980 - 1986
Mrs Rebo Teatu Basic Science
Mrs Benia Rotan English
Mrs Tibeaua Benaia Maths
Mr Kariamakin Christopher Science
Mr Bataing Music/ Venacular
Mr Rahman Science
Mr Gounder Science
Mrs Tewia Tekanabu Art & Craft
Mr Timoci Macanawai Field Husbandry/Agriculture
Mr Nawaia Touakin Tech Drawing
Mr Jobe Tech Drawing
Mr Isireli Tech Drawing
Mr Atarake Rotan Tech Drawing
Mr Karakoa Iotia Chemistry
Mr Paul Nuti (US Peace Corps) History & Geography & Maths 1984 - 1986
Mrs Raki English 1990 - 1994
Mrs Raraitaake Rameti Local Craft
Mrs Matanuea John Local Craft
Mr Ioteba Kaitarawa Cultural Dance
Mr Teriota Tamton Music
Mrs Molly Amon Economics
Mrs Tekeinnang English
Mr Chand Accounting
Mr Area Toaiti Basic Science
Mrs Tiku Takesau Accounting
Mr Takesau Tabore Science
Mrs Nanise Toaiti Science
Mr Rusiate Science
Mr Koroi PEMAC
Mr Surya Reddy Physics
Mrs Berenia Christopher English
Mrs Tekeang Touakin Home Economics
Mrs Eribereta Matiera Home Ec
Mrs Karibaieta Joe Home Ec
Mr Tekaban Cultural Dance
Mr Boota Abere Cultural Dance
Mrs Tekirara Eketi Cultural Dance
Mrs Ekebure Cultural Dance
Mr Tamilo Komiti Local Craft
Mrs Tatauea Kaiea Local Craft
Mr Tanentoa Boata Cleaner
Mr Koraua Henty Handyman
Mr Bebeia Bakatu Handyman
Mr Tounaia Temoai Cleaner
Mr Hemant Kumar Maths/ Science
Mr Ereatara Tikaua Basic Science /Maths
Mr Tuateira Burataake Accounting

So that's a contribution from me you may add and edit
RHS??!! That is talking about secondary school days and when it comes to that, it is looked upon as a stepping stone for most including me. My years in RHS, although short, was very memorable and when I come to think about it, it takes you out of infancy (and dependency) to adolescence (freedom and independence) - talking from the point of view of a teenager.

It was way back in 1985 when I first stepped in RHS and that was in Nuku. I was only in Form 2 and my Form Teacher was Mr. Paul Nuti. It was also during that year when the school relocated to Tabiang village. It was a good feeling to be pioneer students to open the new RHS in Tabiang. This was where my fun began.

We continuously take long walks from and to school, and imagine living in Tabwewa. At first it becomes a bomb dropped when you hear the buses have broken down and cannot make trips for the school students. Imagine Tongoriki when you have to climb to the top of it and down again and how many more of it before you reach your village. It was very fortunate for students living around Uma and Tabiang for they did not have to go through the many hilly turns like us students from Tabwewa and Buakonikai.

Then the walks became more and more interesting when life began to take another course and we began to experience another turn where we began to feel like adults and began enjoying the company of your opposite in these long walks. These walks began to look short and more often than not, we almost began praying that the buses don't get fixed. It was fun although when you look at it now, you feel stupid but I guess it is all part of the school life and growing up.

In 1987 we prepared for FJC and during that year, nothing compared to being an adult makes you feel so great you forget about school stuff, especially being elected the only girl prefect in Form 4. RHS at the time only catered education level to Form 5. Our Head Girl was the late Telangi Bure who was in Form 5 in that year and our deputy was Nei Tarimwe Tavita. I have but forgotten who our Head boy was and his deputy (I know Aretana was one of those prefects and Head Boy??? or Deputy??) but in all, Mrs. Rubena Karakaua, our Principal, and her team brought about this change, i.e. election of Prefects and giving them the role of being responsible.

Our year of Form 4 saw only 1 A Grade student from our stream of Form 4, Taneri Tabuariki. Fortunately, the overall report during that year was a great improvement and thanks to Mr. Takele who was the pillar of encouragement to all Form 4s. His favorite saying goes ...." you can't break the "sasa" in one bunch, you can only break them all if you break it one by one......" comparatively implying one cannot study and grasp everything over night. Rather it takes night after night or day after day to learn and study. Only then you could memorize them all otherwise it will be a bunch of sasa....

Boarding was made possible during that year when external exams drew nearer through the contributory effort to organize by all Teachers and consent of concerned parents. This also added to the success of the pass rate in Fiji Junior Certificate exam and for those sitting in Form 5. We boarded at the RHS classrooms using the Home economics room and the Tech Drawing room. Our dining hall was built as extension roofing from one of the teacher's quarters making room for the many to dine. Cooking was taken in turns by the boarding students. It was not very sophisticated but enough to allow the students study.

Looking back, I believe when one goes to RHS and be enrolled there for a couple of years, it gives them the feeling of belonging. I spent most of my education years outside Rabi but I guess I have been very fortunate to be able to spend 3 years at RHS. I would have not been able to look at myself as someone from Rabi, rather much more of an outsider. I consider myself blessed to be able to call myself an ex- RHS even if it was only 3 years. I remember the year after that when we met as new students at Nasinu Secondary School, the ex- RHS: Nei Telangi, Nei Iaeli 2 others from Buakonikai village - all were in form 6 except myself - I was in form 5.

Those years were very memorable and good to look back at. When you stop for a while and replay those years.... its like seeing you in another world - one you see your stupidity, your fun, your worth for the school and most of all you see the you you are now which you have turned into through the experience from high school days.

We do all look forward to the ex association so we could be part of the RHS as before and give us the feeling of belonging to the old school we once loved and cherished.

Tekeraoi te waaki ibukin katean te "Ex- Association" ao e rabwa riki Nei Teari ibukin katean te iango aio bwa ena reke te itera aio bwa te tabo n tibwaa ao man reita aron te reitaki inanon RHS. Are ieta te iago aei.

 tanx sis,

just to add on to ur story, Terangi was the head girl, I was the deputy, Aretana was the headboy and Amota (our beloved lost brother) was the deputy headboy. U remember tat day alot of students were niniaki nte devil almost every nite. and i was the main girl caring for the sick girls while my sister tarateiiti the main girl for the colgate and toothbrush. okay i stop hia cos im using my daughrter's page next time i join cos i want to meet alot of friends and share a few interesting stories with everyone out dere. I learned alot during my school days and working in beautiful Rabi High School. Now Im happy to meet my working mates in RHS hia in Tailevu lie Seru Banuve, Maika, Rusiate, Mirini,etc we used to tell the fun we had during the f/raising and world teachers day .Loloma 2 everyone vinaka and moce.  

I am sad to hear the loss of Amota Lipua? Cant believe he is gone...The last time I knew about him when he was recruited to the British Army.So what happen to him that cause his death? Anyone knows? It will highly appreciated.
Mauri all the past students of RHS. It's great to hear everyone's memories of days at the school.

I first visited RHS in 1992 on my first visit to Rabi. I was asked by Rubena who was your principle at the time to take old family photos which dated back to the very early Colonial days on Banaba as far back as 1901 to show the students. In the photos there were great images of the old Banaban villages and daily Banaban life... not just the usual Company and mining photos from that era.

At that time on Rabi there had not been many te I-Matang's visiting the island, and I can remember the amazed look on some of the students faces when they saw the old photos and their elders stories of the homeland become a reality. My great-grandfather had even taken photos of the old bangoota's and terraces, frigate bird taming etc...

But the most important part of my first visit to Rabi was the words that Rubena said to me as I was leaving RHS. She had asked me about my session of showing the students the photos, and then she said, 'so what are you going to do now? Will you just leave Rabi and walk away like all the other te I-Matang's? Will you drive around the Island in the car and drive through the villages and say how nice it is and then return home and forget us so we just become a memory of a nice stay on Rabi?

Her words stopped me in my tracks and hit me deeply. Yes, what was I going to do to help the Banabans, was I going to try and help or just walk away like all the other te I-Matang's had done in the past? Sometimes in your life someone's words can change your life forever. Rubena's words hit a deep chord in my soul that day, and I told myself there and then on the school grounds outside the class room, that YES I could not walk away from the Banabans and I had to try and help them... and that is how the Banaban Hertiage Society was started back all those years ago.

Now today 18 years later most of the students are now adults with families of their own and many have gone on to careers and others have become the solid, strong backbone of society on Rabi today. Some of those students will be now living or working abroad and proudly promoting their Banaban identity. What I have learned over all the years is that we cannot change the past, but learn from it. Take all the strengths from our history and move forward. So let's - Keiaki Waaki! 'Strive to Prosper' and build a future that we can all be proud of.
k guys,as i've already mentioned i'm also a breed of RHS..during my 6-yrs of schooling @ RHS,i was regarded or probably known as a great cartoonist there..i cannot forgets those days..dancing,singing and mucking around was my hobby nte tai anne..well,au principal that time bon Mrs Rubena great years @ RHS was in 2000,yeah during the coup.I was an elected prefect that time..imagine being a school perfect ao kairaia ataein te reirei was really head-ache..the students as i recalled,always tease me.I sometimes cry when i went back home..but without the help of my headboy(Monty) and Headgal(Metau)ao ai ngkam,,iaki ata te bai na karaoia..wel,i managed to pass my FSLC n did my form 7 @ Bucalevu Secondary School..then further my tertiary education in Kiribati doing my foundation then degree @ the University of the South Pacific..i wanna giv my sincere thanks to my teachers;

Mrs Benia(English)
Mrs Ruiti(Economics)
Mr Maika(Geography)
Mr Toanuea(Maths)
but most of all to,
Mrs Oboria Woodrow(History)...for their assistance n great jobs they've given me in 2000..

Nee Tebau ao ko uringa ngkoa are aorakim are ngkana ko kan ting ao ko taua tingim ni baim ao ao koa kanakoa naba boina nakoia te koraki?......


To savali; talofa .kam uara bae n taku ba kam boni marurung na ba. please can you bought me a touch name is marist and i would like to inform you that i will carry my result for the TSSC result with me. hows the life there. you know what sis i feel proud to be here because every teacher akamoamoa nakoia a taei.kati la seai mai koneiaka niia kaain te ausi au kamauri.

Yes, I would. I was one of the Rabi High School dependent with empty soul. After 7 years of beating and hard working, I came to be one of it reaper for the children of Kiribati now. I could recall those old days shared off by  the loving staffs of RHS and proud to call myself one of their Heroes and champions because those old days bring me New Days for my family today. I can still hear those memorable songs and stanzas of the subjects in my mind given off by  tough, terrible and humble teachers which ascend those Old Days at my loving Rabi High School.

Yeh... I was known as a Black Lizard student due to my cheekiness I  showed to my teachers. Today, I am one of Kiribati Tutors nowadays and found that there are more misbehaving and cheeky students out here than I was in my Old Days at Rabi High School so Yehh... students, behave yourselves. Do not let your Old Days to be your Hard Days tomorrow. Good Luck in your future endeavors.

For my gratitude, I insert my family's song called "My Teacher". Refer to Muziic.


I have read many reflections of old scholars. Each is unique and special in their own right.


I was a student of RSS before turning RHS. It was just a year after creation and maybe half way before the flood, not so sure??????? All I could remember was being treated as primary scholar by my cousins schooling from the QE hall. Because, Form One was housed in the Banaban school, the last two blocks towards the east.


The good thing about our class room was that, we were far from the admin. block and more so from the terror principal, Teiwaki Benaia. Whenever there is no teacher around, we would make foolish jokes, laugh out loud only be warned by the primary teachers but, we acted like big heads because we were in secondary school by then.


All excitements are short lived when we are reported to the hit man - Master Teiwaki. Cheeky faces streamed with tears and unsettled bums were humbled and the natural color stained blue marks from the ferocious cane.





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