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Rabi my Island Paradise
what rich culture you have
similar to the Indian and Fijian
which our forefather live to tell
leaving everyone with a beautiful smile

Rabi my Island Paradise
what rich soil you have
Swimming and Playing with the Sand
that grow the biggest Yaqona
you make all our Farmers glad

Rabi my Island Paradise
Theres nothing like Home
born and raise
our Elders have the same feeling in their heart for
Banaba since they were

Rabi my Island Paradise
how beautiful you are
your Hair shines black in the bright Sunlight
you stand tall and greatfull
voluptous and sensual
arms becoming to embrace your weary Child to your bosom

Rabi my Island Paradise
what fun we have at December
15th Celebration , Christmas and New Year
Dancing and Singing is our plan
with abundance / bountiful which ever one you like
ohh what a Paradise Island you are

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is this a poem or a song?.....It a good piece....what do you think if we make a (remix rap song) out of it.... just to get the attention of the younger
mehn wat is this bro a rhyme or poem
i like sounds good
Wananavu boy.....thats a Paranice poem. "Unlimited supply of Food.." i believe u, cos after every cyclone devastation the only root crop available is "Te Babai" and fish. VAKADUA bro....
Love it. Just wanna add some thoughts to it.hope you will not mind! On the third paragraph at the last line or fourth line where it say living,you wanna replace the word " living" to leaving and the last paragraph at the last line where you put "unlimited" may be you wanna replace it to abundance or bountiful which ever one you like. Overall nice and extraordinary piece of work.keep doing what you are will become famous one day, a poet or song writer or an author....
Ngaia raoi anne. E bon kamamate tangiran te tabo ae ko bwebwerake i aona...
Yes it is a good piece of work, you may add on what Roba has put in to suit your taste. And like what Cindy has mentioned there is nothing like home (where born and raised), Our elders have the same feeling in their heart for Banaba since they were born and raised there too.
Keep it up!
Rabi how beautiful you are
Your hair shines black in the bright sunlight
You stand tall and graceful
Voluptuous and sensual
Arms beckoning to embrace your weary child to your bosom
Oh Banaba why are you so tired and forlorn?
Why are you so brown and wrinkled?
Your skin is hard and dry and you no longer sing lullaby
To your suckling child
They have battered you black and blue
They have torn your calf muscles recklessly
Come back Banaba don’t let me cry on your hunchback and behind your skirts
Bring back your majesty that my grandparents knew
Where you once reigned serene and aloof
Queen of the rocks..
broad of you bro or someone really sound nice to hear



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