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Tia kaotia ma te nanokawaki bwa:
E atia ni motirawa man te maiu aei Maunga are buun ngkoa Nei Eren are ea tia naba ni motirawa n te ririki ae nako. E motirawa ni bakantaain te Moanibong.
Te kauoua e atia ni motirawa naba Boukanawa are te AO n te kauntira.
Tia uataboa te rawawata irouia utu aika uabaronga aikai...

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ai kananokawakira buaia uaakai man te maiu aio. Tera bukin mateia? Bon rorobuaka matoa ao ea ti roko naba te tia ira are te mate n anaia man te maiu aio.Au rainanoanga ma au tataro nakoia ana utu Maunga ao Bouka. Ke a na kabebeteaki nanomi man anganaki te rau nnano n ami tai n rawawata. 


My deepest condolences to families and friends of Boukanawa and Maunga. Rest in PEACE!!

Roba rongorongon Maunga bwa tao e toki burona.  E oki man te rfarm ao e amwake, ngkanne ngke ea manga nako te aba n noria bwa tao e na amwarake ao ea aki uti....

Ngkanne ibukin Boukanawa rongorongona bwa ea nako ni karaun ma buna ao another guy, ao taekana bwa tao e bwabwa naba n ana tai ni karaun...ngkanne n okia ao e akawaria te bwa..kanga e titiki rabwatan, ao a manga nako n te hopistal...ngkanne tao inanon aia tai mangaia ikekei ao e a motirawa.....this guy really missed by his beloved wife.. ai kawara naba.....

it is very hard to loose our loved ones but life has to move on and may i  ask what was the main cause of their death?

Thank you Tutu Atauea. From the Health Perspective, i believed that two men might have had an Heart Attack (Acute Myocardial Infarction). In Fiji, 80% of death are due to Non-Communicable diseases ( Sickness that they won't tell that they are in your body) such as Heart Problem, Diabetes, Hypertension and many more unless you go for medical check up .

it is so sad to loose them but we got to learn from them. In a sense that those who are 30 years and above need to have medical check up at the Rabi Health Center to find out whether they have any health ailments or not.

And to those who are already diagnosed with the above mentioned sicknesses, they have to be compliant to their medications as prescribed by the Medical Officer, eating a well balanced diet and try to decrease the consumption of animal fats, exercise 30 minutes and eat 5 serves of fruits in a day.

for more information, please contact your nearest health center.

kam bati Raba.



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