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What's wrong with our beloved Rabi island...from better to worse..???

Please develop Rabi...I mean the houses,the roads,the offices,the name it...please give a hand to brighten up the look of dear Rabi Island..!!!

What can I say..I miss u Elizabeth hall..that is where I attended my kinder years but now...what can u see..well our dear Councillors do something..thank u. 

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You are listing your priorities here I guess????....but those in power and authority are having a different priority list????? You better come out here and get involved in this politic to develop Rabi and I will support you all the way.

All the so called new buses from Japan are sick and hospitalized at Tabiang garage with one truck and ambulance. A loader that will help improve the devastated road condition is also having a long influenza due to the very wet weather since late last year. It cant get into the ambulance so it is left beside the road facing the RCL main office.

The good old days are gone and now comes the modern era of rust and decay. Good money for scrap metal. This will increase the revenue which you did not think about when you wrote this discussion.

Ruins will attract more visitors to study our history which will pour money to the island reserve funds..... Come on Neiko, see and think for yourself, what a million revenue for the scrap metal and ruined historical buildings, etc.......

Enjoy your sunshine paradise

Cheers to Rabi

Thanks so much Terry for the wonderful n nice reply....u right but as u said it's from my no but it came to my mind to share n discuss with my fellow Rabi Islanders.... since I just came back from Rabi last year during the Aintoa Tour which was only for 2 n half days on Rabi Island and I saw that the Rabi Island I grew up on is so different from what I saw during the recent visit...

You can't say that the old days have passed by and the modern era of rust and decay comes....but why is that...??? If the older generations can do better why can't the new n younger generations with modern minds can think and do alot better than them....and those who are in power and authority what are on their priority lists....

Well as u mentioned the ruins will attract who..???and since when did the visitors started coming in to Rabi to study our history....or they just doing it for the sake of earning money for themselves from their stories or by selling their books or am I wrong...well can't say much but anyway that's what I think...

It's about time our councilors should involve themselves with their fellow Rabi islanders in sharing whatever ideas the can contribute for their beloved Rabi Island rather than just them alone..what say...???

Thanks again n sorry to say am not enjoying the sunny paradise but can't help cause am married with kain te paradise aio.Just u wait cause when we retire we thinking of coming over to stay there.

Rabi is where my heart is...???



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