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At 1:33pm on February 4, 2012, Colletta Tauea said…

regards to all

At 1:33pm on February 4, 2012, Colletta Tauea said…

yaaah.....kabara te bure......i just read ur email now.....

first of all i thank the Lord for giving me this opportunity to stay in touch with u thru internet.....and thank u 2 for replying to my message.

WOW.....ur english is still good......hahahaaa jokes.....i bet ur I-kiribati language is better........

thanks for the updates....n tell rauaa to recover quickly...

wat are plans wen u get to banaba???

n wen r u gettin married??

also....wen r u getting a that u pay mine and my sons fare down to kiri??

how often do u get online??????.........plis find a time where we both get online same time.......make sure its in advance.....llike 1 we can catchup well

OH...n happy new year to all. 

At 1:38pm on February 3, 2012, teboraiti lanyon said…

Hi dea, well long tyme raoi.....well, hope dat all is well on ur side and yea hope also to catch up with u.....n hey do u have a facebook account???Its muj easier 2 chat on facebook!!!well if u do den jst let me know so i can add u....kk then...tekeraoi te uaki n hope 2 hear from u soon!!!

At 11:50pm on July 17, 2010, Colletta Tauea said…
sori i meant hope to "hear" from you............
At 11:49pm on July 17, 2010, Colletta Tauea said…
hey....wots up....y arnt u replying.....well we d children in fiji are so happy to have our mother back in fiji.....tene n her children are on their own..mako's in taveuni with aunty neito.. n im still wit aunty k...hws tekotara, rauaa and david...and of johcas....plis...get on we can chat..its been a long tym...dnt u wana chat ur ckip checking my mail....n ill keep irritating you unless n until u take care brother and hope to here from you soon....loads of love
from fiji
At 5:40pm on December 15, 2009, Mootii Bokarawa Kaake said…
Oh Hola there...oh nothing much...bon c te taeka ni katekeraoi nakoim nte xmas & new yr just around the corner....I hope ko nag marurug raoi.....oh c a maga re2ica rimwi....bye and GOD Bless!!!
At 10:38am on December 2, 2009, Patricia said…
well..well ...well....browsing thru d site n guess who i see?????mahn manena...long tyme eh!! i jst got to know from Nopa's page dat ko kaina naba te site aio..auwe..tia taku ngaira ba koa maninga taekara ngaia ko aki naba..i read ur replies to Nopa well...its good to knw dat everyone dea is doing great..hey Nei Tauea is on dis website also, add her coz ngaia au fren.mahn deas sooo much to tell n ask but frankly rite now..lyke nei Ranopa said..we wanna see Tekotara's hubby..n kido..ea bon tekenna teaba ke!well take care bro ao tia manga re reitaki moa...oops anga naba ara kis ma kamauri nakoia kain am auti esp.. to nei aunty Tawe.
At 1:04pm on October 18, 2009, teboraiti lanyon said…
Hi dea....well den guess we owe it all 2 our loving God...nwyz, since u asked, my contact is da best wif everythin ao tia bon reireitaki....moce mada!!
At 12:34pm on October 17, 2009, asinta manoa said…
how's it's me [meko].ko uara moa.thank GOD i got u through dis's aunty tave n your smaller brother n sisters.give my loloma to them all.oh n jochas,loloma to him 2.
At 10:43am on October 13, 2009, teboraiti lanyon said…
Hi, well just thank God that it didnt come else ur beautiful place will be wiped out... n jst wanderin, wea did u guyz run 2 since there's no mountain dea???
At 6:29pm on October 12, 2009, Ranoba said…
Ai bon te full time n kataku n Kiribati iroum ae? tia rang mataai!
Angke e raba te rongorongo. So good to hear that everyone there is doing just fine especially Nei Tekotara. Isa! they the little ones probably forgot all about us right now! And David the youngest one? E nga ngkai ngaia? Mahn so good to hear that Jokati is still alive and breathing......Tell him if he has the time to email me. Are you gang using Gmail cos i am- technology has become so convinient that we sort of have the tendency to sit iaon ni bukira all day and never leave the house or the Computer room! E raraba naba Te Uea ngkai e kona ni karekea ara tai bwa tina manga reitaki.
Mahn Aunty Taawe must be flirting around there eh! What with her smile and bountiful beauty-mahn im sure she's caught many eyes but she hasnt settled for the right one yet. Please send her my regards-after all apparently she's my GrandAunt in case you didnt know about that! But just so you know i dont wanna be your niece cos we've known each other as cousins for so long-its a shame to let that all to
Ai bon te aki kan uarereke irou keng?lol

Keep in touch!
And please upload one of the Hunky Pix. We all want to see you. Upload the rest of the everyone else's pix. E moarara riki buun Nei

Angke ko manga email ke?
This my immediate email address-
That way it will be easier to stay in touch!

Tia bo moa Maneu
At 7:02am on October 9, 2009, teboraiti lanyon said…
mauri nao, ai bon akea te rongorongo ae fresh ae iatia n ongo...except 4 da tsunami warning dat we had...ko nairaniko, everyone in Fiji including Rabi were on the higest mountain, bwa a bane nanganaki aomata iaon biti te tsunami warning n everyone were told to run to the nearest highest place, what about u guyz???
At 4:19pm on October 4, 2009, Ranoba said…
Hey Bro,
Ai ko raba ti rang marurung. E rang maan te tai ao tia manga reitaki. e uara Kiribati ao Aunty Tawee maang? ao Jiokati? E nga ngkai ngaia? Mahn ningai ae tina manga noori ngkami? Mahn te rongorongo ngkai ma ikai bwa Merari ea reke natina ( the one pictured on my account). He's now 13 months. And well im doing Journalism in USP, Saron is doing Architecture in FIT, Merari is taking a break from USP she gave birth. And well there's so much more to tell you. ao ngke? koa ieein?

Ai ti rang kan ongo rongorongomwi


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