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Catch Banan Rabi radio programe tonight 9.30pm FIJI TIME with update Banaban Rehabilitation progress


 The main item in our radio programme today will be about RCL's rehabilitation roadmap and their recent trip to Kiribati. Cr. Manate Tabakea will be provide the necessary information on this topic. The programme will also feature music from Titau Chet, a renowned musician, who passed away last Tuesday. I am also delighted to inform you of an emerging artist, Biara Touakin, who has kindly provided 2 tracks from his album to be played on Banan Rabi tonight. 

 Our usual…


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Radio Interview with Marlie Rota EO RCL, Fiji - Stage 2 complete Banaba Island rehabilitation plan


The Rabi Council of Leaders has denied there are plans to re-open phosphate mining on Banaba Island in Kiribati.


Listen to Radio Interview:…


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Banaban child welfare desperately need assistance to help the 50 disadvantaged children on Rabi start 2012 School Year

by Terikano Takesau, Rabi Fiji

Banaban Child Welfare desperately need assistance to help the 50 disadvantaged children on Rabi have access to education 2012.

Whether it be in cash, books, school bags, pens ,rulers...etc. Some of these children are orphans of single parent, disabled, etc should you have a heart for these children.

We have fundraised but whatever we have collected is not enough to cater for all of them.

Let us help make a change in the lives of…


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Banaban Women's Day Rabi Island 28 Oct 2011

by Terikano Takesau

Today is the Banaban. Women's Day and is celebrated with Tunuloa and Tukavesi women on Rabi Island.

Programme included:

VCO and craft show entertainment and socializing. Chief guest was Vice chairman RCL other guest included Civil servants, business people and other…


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Bwaninin Bwiin te moan rinerine 2011 - Kiribati

Banaba=Timon Aneri

Baraniko-42, Muritio-33, Taratai-14, Timon Aneri-143


Tabiteuea Maiaki= Tab-South: Tebuai Uaai-365, Titabu-310



Teima-437, Ioane-87


Tamana=Matiota Kairo

Kabetite-172, Matiota Kairo-258


Aranuka=Martin Moreti

Amberoti Nikora-187, Bauteiti-90, Martin Moreti-283


Nikunau= Kamean-208, Kim'a-69, Moote-395, Riimeta…


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My Banaba


Have always heard about it by my great generations

Read in books in libraries…


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Tomas rehab for Rabi Islanders

Fiji Times Online Maneesha Karan Saturday, August 20, 2011

THE need to carry out rehabilitation works on houses that were damaged by Hurricane Tomas last year was one of the concerns raised by the people of Rabi to the Commissioner Northern Lieutenant Colonel Ilai Moceica's visit to the island last week.

This was relayed to The Fiji Times by one of the members of Cakaudrove Provincial Council member Terikano Takesau.

Mr Takesau said a total of 62 houses…


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Kiribati Recieves Phosphate Report On Banaba Atoll

While the Kiribati President receives Phosphate report from SOPAC in Suva - Banabans already plan the Rehabilitation of homeland-Banaban Vision

 Please make sure you go to Banaban Vision to read this and make sure you add your comments here on… Continue

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The world's growing demand for Coconut Sugar and other by products

With the world focus now on Virgin Coconut Oil and Banaban Women's efforts on Rabi to get a commerical venture up and running I would also like to remind all Banabans that you also have one of the greatest cultural assets already within your grasp - Ka maimai

Ka maimai mainly in crystalize sugar form is now in huge demand. I hope to launch a range of TRADITIONAL coconut related food products in the future naturally sweetened with Ka…


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Rabi High School now has its own site and blog

Nature Pacific Pty Ltd  is sponsoring a new dedicated   Rabi High School site and blog for the teachers and administrators of the school:


Links to the new site will be available via Banaban Voice and main sites


This new page will be administered by Tutu Atauea and provide a direct computer link to the high school. Hoping that this new page can also be used by the…


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Scholarships at East West Centre Hawaii

Attached is a copy of the advertisement that appeared in the Saturday issue of the Fiji Sun. Click on the following links to access the application package. Reminder, all application packages are to be in Hawaii by the due dates.…


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Multi Ethnic Scholarship - 2010

Tia katanoata ikai ba ea roko ngkai te forms ibukin ae e oti ieta, kam kona n anai ami forms man ana aobiti te Kauntira i Nuku. Kama butiaki ba kama kanoai ao manga kawaekoa ni kaokia nakon Cr. Iekerua Wiriam ba ngaia matan te kan reirei ke kan toman riki te kan reirei (Scholarship) ao ngaia naba matan ana aobiti te Multi iaon Rabi.

Ena in (close) te Scholarship aio nakon te 29th Okitoba nte namakaina aio ngaia are kam na karokoi ami forms iroun te Kauntira n 26/10/10.

Ena… Continue

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Rabi Council of Leaders Office on Rabi now has internet Gtalk connection during working hours

The RCL Rabi Office is now equiped with internet full day online at the RCL Accounts. Their Gtalk will be on during working hours. So if you have gtalk with you add <ngisi.kaimata> and talk freely to anyone at RCL Rabi.

For those who do not have gtalk: Download gtalk from this link and follow the steps

For documents to send or to receive Please contact Moi or Ngisi. They do… Continue

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RCL Chairman's Rehabilitation Update: Mining of Coral Pinnacle on Banaba (Ocean Island) for infrastructural upgrading

Dear Fellow Banabans,

Greetings to you all, yes I guess things are moving at a very fast pace that I need to update all of you in regard our meeting with the Kiribati Government.

From the onset, RCL in 2009 clearly defined its April Meeting a resolution to rehabilitate Ocean Island. The resolution passed seeks the majority mandate of the Banaban people from all of the four…


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BREAKING NEWS - Accident at Buakonikai Rabi

Biara Touakin 4.17pm Monday 13 Sept 2010

Another accident at Buakonikai. A council truck driven by Saiyasi from Buakonikai veered off the road and fell over the cliff…


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Names of Banaba (Ocean Island) War Dead now available online

The names of those who were killed on Banaba during World War II are now available on the main Banaban website at:

The Report from the committee…


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Rabi Honour Rolls - The names of the first Banabans to arrive on Rabi 15 December 1945.

The Rabi Hounor Rolls of the first Rabi Settlers was published in ‘Banaba/Ocean Island News –Special 50th Anniversary Edition, December 1995 (as provided by Rabi Island Interim Administration)

This historial list and document has now been posted to the main Banaban website at:…


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Back to the Future for Banaban Elders

Theresa Ralogaivau FIJI TIMES ONLINE Saturday, July 03, 2010

L-R: Rabi Council Chairman - Dr Paulo Vanualailai, Banaba Rehabilitation Co-ordinator - Peter Crowley, Kiribati High Commissioner to Fiji - Reteta Rimon, Banaba Rehabilitation member - Ken Sigrah meeting in Suva to discuss Banaban plans to rehabilitate and restore the homeland - Banaba, previously known as Ocean…


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Mobile Phones for Banaban Elders on Rabi

About more than a hundred elders here on Rabi Island have received a gift from vodafone fiji which includes a Nokia 1200 mobile phone, charger, and a starter pack.

Added by Biara Touakin on June 7, 2010 at 1:29pm — No Comments

Attention: All Banaban Students - Japanese Scholarships 2011

From Isabel. T. Nutira Mon 10/5/10

Good morning!!…


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Visiting Rabi and Ocean Island

Started by brian russell in Banaban Issues. Last reply by Stacey King Apr 16. 7 Replies

Homecoming to Banaba

Started by Christina Maree Buchanan in Banaban Issues Jun 27, 2019. 0 Replies

Slides of Banaba from the 1960's

Started by Dominic Kaukas in Banaban Issues. Last reply by Stacey King Jun 13, 2019. 1 Reply



Help Rabi Women's Organisation in Fiji by purchasing RABI HANDMADE VIRGIN COCONUT OIL locally in Suva, Fiji



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