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One asked for the same explanation which I wish to bring up in this column that will make me proud and other Banabans living and working in Kiribati.


The question is, How did the Kiribati donation of $FJ 80.000+ used to rehab our affected people on Rabi? Was it directed to those victimized by the cyclone or indirectly used for the benefit of all regardless of the situation, or otherwise????


Feed my dark world, thanks!

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This is the same question I posted on this website. Unfortunatley administrators must have deleted the same from this site.

To my understanding this website was created for any Banaban to air his/her view on matters and issues of concerns to the community. I thought also this was a neutral forum, however recent events have confirm now that this forum aligns itself to RCL and its leaders. The issue raised here by Terry I posted a few days ago but has now been deleted, so that people cannot read and comment.


I would like to ask the purpose of this website, whose interest is it serving? A selected few? I have heard Banabans saying that comments raised in this website have been deleted completely or altered in some ways. The purpose stated as a forum for Banabans to raise and discuss issues of concern and interest seems to be eroding and instead as become a forum to highlight issues of interest only to administrators and a "selected few".


I hope that this comment will last long for all concened Banabans to read.

Mauri Sarah this is completely untrue especially in regard to your discussion. It has been sitting here on BV the whole time so don't know what is wrong with your computer but nothing was deleted or altered.

To get your facts straight we ask that comments regarding RELIGION not be made - these comments are deleted. Every one has a basic human right (including Banabans) to hold their own religious belief and not be criticized or maligned because of their beliefs. We have also had complaints from BV members when photos of demons or ghouls are posted here on this site as it offends the majority of the members.

We have also make a conscious effort to NOT include any FIJI politics into this site as we do not want to see BV being used to get involved.

Sadly once again the same old Banaban rumour mill raises its ugly head where comments such as 'I HAVE HEARD....' are credited as being taken as fact.

If you want to make political statements regarding Banaban issues on this site go for it as the Rabi Council of Leaders is your elected Council and we as the administrators ask that we not be dragged into your debates.

In the future we would appreciate that you contact us first if you have a problem if any of articles are missing.

Regards Stacey

This is the same question i posed but the discussion seemed to have been posted to the BLOG. For Stacy, there are no political debates made but just raising issues which are affecting the people. I am not working on rumours also. I could name people to you that have raised issues in this forum and have personally informed me that their remarks have been deleted or altered.The issues raised are not religious nor political, however stems out from the need to understand things going on around them.

Because Banabans think that this a neutral forum and a medium whereby people can raise issues of concern they pour out their frustrations on anything from governance, aid to community, and for their voice to be heard is the only reason this forum has been used. However, just be straight and inform the Banaban public if there are certain issues you do not want to be discussed in this forum. Apart from religious, and those you mentioned. Can Banabans discuss RCL issues and conduct of RCL members in this forum?


For clarifications.


Sarah Tawaka

I wish to be fair to everyone including the administrators of this wonderful site. I make up lost time by visiting this site almost everyday. I read comments and discussions and post inputs which I believe will help in a positive way.


As for this discussion, I read it and I knew it was talked about here. I need to justify my conscience by having the right information because people out here know that I am Banaban "Rabian" and they need to know the true answer......


For Sarah, yes, I made a comment to a discussion entitled FINANCIAL REPORT posted on May 5, 2011. (You can see my lone (only) comment). I was hoping to see more inputs from others. And, even planned to speak my head out  to help instigate better leadership. To my surprise it was gone so suddenly???? End of story!



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