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I've been fascinated by the gilbert and ellice islands since childhood and am now doing some preliminary research for a documentary that I would like to script about the islands, their history and the tragic consequences of phosphate mining in the Pacific. I would greatly appreciate any advice about how best to organise a trip to Rabi and any recommendations of individuals who would be particularly interesting to interview.

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Hi Russell, I'm Ken Sigrah and I would like to respond to your request as quoted in your message. A few things that I need from you before I make arrangements for your visit:- 1. what island do you plan to visit on this trip. 2. when do you plan to visit..time wise. 3. need clarification if this documentation is for personal interest, educational purpose, etc. The reason why I need these information is so that I can make proper arrangements as where to stay,whom to contact and so on. Hope to hear from you soon. Cheers. Ken.

Hi Ken - thank you for responding and apologies for taking so long to get back but I've been travelling in some remote areas with little internet availability. I've just reached Fiji and am in Taveuni / Qamea for a week before going on to Kiribati on 12/4. My schedule only allows me to visit Tarawa ( mainly the north ), Abemama and Butaritari. I now plan to come back in either November or February to Australia and then try and make my way to Banaba. Any suggestions for either a possible day trip to Rabi and / or people to meet in Kiribati would be very welcome. I've just finished reading Katerina Teaiwa's very interesting book in which she mentions your name with great respect. I very much hope that I might be able to meet you when I come back to Australia later in the year 

Hi Russell, Rabi is just next door to Taveuni. To get there you have to catch a boat to go across and if possible when get to Rabi you have to report first to the Local police so that you can identify yourself and have a clearance to stay on the island. 

Two people you can lodge with while on Rabi, one is my niece and her name is Terikano Takesau and the other is my daughter Ioanna Sigrah and her husband Rabaua.

If you're planning to visit Rabi make sure to let me know so that I can contact my people there.


Thanks Ken for your very kind offer. I’ve been trying to organise a boat to take me over in the morning and back later in the day but the weather is a little unpredictable right now so i’ll have to see how it goes each day !

Yes Brian, sometimes passage between Rabi and Taveuni can be very unpridictable but the local captains are very familiar with the passage especially our boys from Rabi. Fijian boys are not really adopted to ocean going like our boys for a simple fact the we are fishermen since the days of forefathers whereas Fijians are hunters. Anyway, all the best and catch up before leaving on the 12th.


Dear Ken

Apologies for our correspondence drying up 18 months ago but I was very distracted by my sister in law becoming seriously ill. Following her death last June, I'm now looking after her kids who, along with mine, I brought to Australia for Chrtistmas and New Year. I will be in / around Brisbane 16-19 January and wondered if I could meet or call you. I'm still keen to pursue the documentary I outlined as part of a masters degree at Univers

ity College, London. Would you let me know whether you'd be happy for me to get in touch

Many Thanks


Sorry Brian we have just found your post. Please email Ken directly on

Not sure if you are still in Australia with all the current virus lockdown. 



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