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Mauri everyone

im a student studying at USP and i would like to seek some answers regarding land allocation on Rabi. Fyi my mom is from Rabi but i grew up in Kiribati.

ive heard a lot of interesting stories regarding the history of the Banabans and how they were urged to move to Rabi due to the phosphate mining making Banaba unpleasant for habitation.

my question is focused on their settlement on Rabi. how is land on Rabi allocated to the Banabans living there? Are the lands owned privately or by the local Rabi Council? Can the Rabians sell lands on Rabi to foreigners or only to anyone from the island? i also heard that the indigenious inhabitants of Rabi whose descendants are living in Taveuni are claiming to return to Rabi, their rightful place. is this true?


anyone who has considerable knowledge regarding this matter is highly appreciated.


Kam bati n rabwa


Tongatati Tekawa



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The true indigenous of Rabi Island were living now in Taveuni since after the 1987 coup that where Fijians fought against other races who were living and settle in Fiji especially Indians because most Indians can be seen in high rank either government or in other private sector .so Rabi-ans become part of that situation . but every year i think the Rabians council always attend if there's a function for Tui Cakadrove and pay the levy ....abt the land there a free land and crown land and i don't think so they can sell there land to outsides because we can see now the increase of population on Rabi ...b4 people stayg near the ocean nowadays people were moving further to the forest and this can tell the increase of population my own opinion if they want to take over Rabi they hav to fight against the British government ....


tia bo


mauri Morineti


thank you for the information. it is very helpful to me.



Mauri Tongawati, Since the displacement of our people from Banaba to Rabi in 1945 at the end of the ww2 now the RCL with the support of the Banaban landowners and the backup of the Kiribati Gvt are already put in place aplan to rehabilitate Banaba.

The Banabans have nothing at all to do with the removal of the indigenous Rabians to Taveuni, it was the British Govt (Colonial Govt then with Australia and New Zealand included) that bought Rabi with our own loyalty money from the Lever Brothers as freehold land at the beginning of ww2 in 1942.

RCL holds the land tittle to Rabi since our people first landed there in 1945 and it is through RCL's Land tribunal that organises the distribution of 1/4 of an acre for residential block and 2 acres for plantation block to every married Banaban couple.

Also Land Tribunal keep all records of all Banaban lands on Banaba and their individual owners. Since RCL holds the land tittle to Rabi it RCL's policy too that no land on Rabi could be sold at all and I think it is important that Rabi lands stay with the Banabans.

There were rumours that the indigenous Rabians want Rabi back but that is a matter that need to be adressed by RCL and Fiji Govt if need to be but for now all is good between us and our Fijian hosts.


Hope this will help...Teke raoi.






Mauri Tongatati, two apologies...1st for misspelling your name and 2ndly for replying to you on Stacey's page...I was rushing to reply when Stacey saw your article and found out that some of the informations that I know were given by Morineti were not correct...I know that he is trying to do his best but still it is very important to all of us who are Banaban Voice members who would like to contribute on Banaban isssues should have their answers and facts correct or we will mislead our young people by giving them wrong informations...on the same note teke raoi to all.

Ken sigrah.

Mauri Ken Sigrah


first of all thank you for making time in helping me out with your information. i really appreciate it. and dont worry about the misspelling..i get that all the time with others. im a bit confused at first with Stacey's page with your name signed at the bottom. but again its no problem. what is important is that i finally have correct facts from you. i also appreciate Morineti's efforts in helping me as well but like you said..its very important to always get our facts right.


again tank yu tumas (thank you) and God bless




at first i was a little confused on who replied my posting because its Stacey's page but your name was at the bottom. its no problem..the information you gave me pretty much answered the questions i

Yes Ken grabbed my laptop and didn't know I was already logged into BV. Rabi land is under community title and cannot be sold or traded. Regards and good luck for your future studies, Stacey

lol...i bet he's so worried about the wrong info. but many thanks to the both of you for being able to help me with your abundant knowledge regarding the really grateful.


have a pleasant day and warm regards to you and your family from Port Vila, Vanuatu





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