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Iai ae kona ni kamatataa aroia ara kauntira ngkai n te tai aei????

A roko i Kiribati ke a tuai ao tera aroia ngkai?????

Iai aia kanganga ke akea, ke tao a tangira buokaia mairouia kain aon te aba???

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Hey bro! I heard ur at Rabi now aye with the family and I am very happy for you hoping everyone were as well overwhelm with joy seeing you back with future leaders aye..anyway greetings from the United States.I am just a bit curious with the heads up concerning our leaders,are they lost? abducted?..unfortunately I would like to answer the third "?" they desperately need help but they are afraid to expose! talking about Leaders yep I once a leader of my unit and one thing kept me afraid DECISION MAKING or if other business,optimistically I would say TEMPTATION...ahahha gud seeing you with a perfect heads up and yeah I am totally amazed.

From ur faraway bro but closed in faith



Oh Mauri U.S. boy,

thank you for popping in. Yes I am happy now working here and spending time with friends, relatives and church folks. The subject raised is the talk of the island now since they left about 3 weeks ago bound for Kiribati. To date nothing as been heard since a letter of petition was posted at the council office requesting the Kiribati head of state hold back talks and negotiation about Banaba. So this is a concern of people who are ignorant of what is currently going on with our leaders.

Bro, nice keeping in touch with a good comment. I went to Buakonikai last Sabbath and you were on our agenda list too.....Just to let you know that we care and thinking about you too.

Regards to you and our Sally from all the gang in Rabi. 

Oh wow !! where in  the US is Mr.Buki T? is that the one you refer as a U.S boy.In which State?

If we got a chance to meet him we would love to meet him.

I will let you know if I had his email address.

But, if he reads this, he might be able to let you know his US address.

I will let you know if I had his email address.

But, if he reads this, he might be able to let you know his US address.


 Mauri ngkoe,

Kauntira ngkai ae aoki mai Banaba iaon baoia te Bareboti ma te bwai ae riki  bwa ea mannga bae rokoia ngkai teutana bwa a bae ni kakaea te betinako mai Maiana.

Te kautautau bwa ana kitana Tarawa nte Kabong aei.

Mauri moa Teeira. Ngkai ko boni mena naba i Betio????? Tia miss ami tabo anne. Tao boni kanoan te tai. Ma Rabi bon te tabo ae moan te kaunga n te maeka. Akea te kabane mwane ikai, te ran ao te amwarake moan te nako raoi. Ko aki kainanoa te mwane n te tabo aei, e ti kainanoa te aomata ae marurung ni makuri.

E rabwa riki rogorogoia Kauntira bwa ngaia anang oki mai Banaba. Ara kantaninga bwa e na reke te kabwaia n aia waaki.

Tekeraoi ngkoe ma am baby ao kain am auti ao riki kain am church.

Your leaders.....hahahaha.....are they lost..well it best that we thank God that they have arrived safely back ikanne but best of all reireinia some of ami leaders raoi....

God bless natin Banaba all.

Mauri Ruru,

Thank you and yes, our leaders are back. Yet to hear from the report of their trip.

What went wrong with some of our leaders????? I thought that they were good representatives as they were the people's choice.

I guess they know who they are, and may they humbly admit their mistakes and amend the loose ends to the sake of all........there is always a silver lining behind every dark cloud.

Go Banaba go



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