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It is what bothers me most on the Kiribationlinecommunity. Need to know the answer

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Mauri Bua,

Thank you for your suggestion, guess we went offline, sorry about that so we'll stop the discussion here.

Hope we become better Banabans in the future.

Tiabo moa.

Hey cuz just want to say that no one is forcing u to be an i-kiribati. Secondly the Banabans chose to be forgotten because they do not want to be under the Rep. of Kiribati but only want to float on the kiribati ocean.


That is actually an insult to the Banaban people if you say that they are the "Forgotten People".I think you should show some respect or is that how the I kiribati  people behave...which is putting other cultures down.Plus the only reason why The Kiribati government only want to claim Banaba because they know the rich resources that Ocean Island is blessed with.It is also not the Kiribati Ocean that Banaban floats in...It is actually the South Pacific Ocean that Banaban stands in. NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY WE WILL STILL BE PROUD BANABANS.Are you sure you are in the correct website...This is called Banaban Voice...and as far as I am concerned you do not seem to want have or appreciate a link with Banabans.So please show some respect and do not try and put others down.

Sorry if you are insulted by what you read but that is what Obe said that Banabans are the forgotten people.Its not what we say its what you people think.The South Pacific ocean is so big it makes me wonder where exactly is Banaba located. Probably somewhere near the Solomon Island.Till today the govt of Kiribati is still surviving even without the Banabans. And lastly this is not how we the i-kiribati behave but this is how i answer to that question.Every question has an answer and that was my answer.So sorry if you are offended but I was just trying to express my opinion and joinjng this website is just like some of you Banabans joinjng the Kiribati Online.

Anyways it was a reply to Obe who happens to be my cousin. Didnt mean to insult anyone.

Alguds...But this is a first I have heard as the Banabans being the Forgotten people...yes history does tell us being a group of people who have been unfairly treated but we are definately not forgotten.Whenever we introduce ourselves we always reffer to ourselves as Banabans.In countries such as Fiji, New Zealand and Australia there is a Banaban group that distinguishes themselves sepeartely from the Kiribati group and so how can we be the forgotten people.We have Banaban dancing groups that share stories,songs and dances to our society and so they are proudly representing their Banaban heritage.We celebrate the 15's so that is a unforgetable reminder about who we are as Banabans.There is a website called Banaban Voice so that should also inform people abt who Banabans are.Yes u r rite we are entitled to an opinion but there is no right or wrong answer.Its sad that Obe refers to Banabans as the forgotten people.Maybe he might change his views after this discussion.Apology accepted...being a Christian I am happy to see fairness among different ethnic groups rather  than a majority group trying to dominate over the minority...nw dat wud be Racism and we do not want have none of dat on our BANABAN website.



In my own opinion ,

we 'r both like I compare from my self my Banaban blood very small only frm my mum mother side and the rest fully Kiribati Blood  including (Tarawa, Nonouti, Marakei. Kuria, Onotoa, Aranuka)

sorry if anyone confuse but it good to turn bac to ur elders first b4 expose ur mind


Vinaka va levu

I’m convinced completely from both side with little Banaban identity and dominate further by my Kiribati combination but my aspiration on my family birth land Rabi Island and I assume each and everyone does. Because what I am view with my intention that no more Pure Banaban exist in this day and age merely by combination with their Kiribati makeup. However In reality we all proud to bear our little Banaban identity around us to be well known who we’re and where r’ we from? Plus we in high spirit some ways for reason that we haven’t been to our homeland but as we new generation bring us exactly equivalent taste as our birth land.  LET SAY a cava oeau na KAI ‘RABE or whatever?? But it good to turn over your mind to our elders.

From my point of view i believe that we are both I-Kiribati and a Banaban......but since we grew up in Rabi dea4 enang korakora te nano n Banaba.Eventhough we are both.......but i usually consider myself as a true Banaban.

Mauri very interesting discussion and makes you wonder what will happen in coming years with new Banaban generations now being born in Australia, NZ and other parts of the world...will they identify as being Banaban, Fijian, Kiribati, Australia or NZ.

For example Ken is now an Australian citizen and as he calls himself a real bronzed Aussie but totally as far as identity goes he only identifies as being BANABAN.

One thing about Australia and NZ is that they encourage new Australians to uphold their cultural identity and above all we can call ourselves any nationality depending on where we reside but cultural identity is who you are, where you come from and the traditions that you and your family identify with and the standards and cultural principles you have been raised with through the generations.

I am a third generation Australian of Irish, Welsh, German stock and totally identify as being Australian.

The question is now where will the Banabans be three generations down the track?
With all probability at a very great risk of being absorbed into an ever expanding global world. Surely upholding unique Banaban customs and traditions should be a number one priority for those who proudly identify with their Banabans roots and heritage.

With all the talks of Global warming and Kiribati communities threatened by rising sea levels that may see a major resettlement programme in the years ahead they may have a much better understanding of how the Banabans have used and relied on their cultural heritage to  save their people. The Banabans who were not only at great threat of total extinction at the end of WWII but who also relied on the cultural strength of past generations to build a new life in a foreign land and survive through a century of struggle and ongoing ill treatment and injustice.

This is a fact new Banaban generations should never forget and cherish in the uncertain years that lay ahead.

if you guys say from banaba but haven't been on banaba that one big ashamed it good u said from that place and been there like me from banaba i been dea and kiribati like those u atuai man roko iaona u 're Rabians never Banabans ..Lols or say ur self fake banabans
hahahahaha funny!! who said that if you haven't been on Banaba you cant call yourself a Banaban? Its run in the blood from your ancestors....That is why it is important to know your geneology...traces who you really has nothing to do with the land whether you have been there or not.For example, I was told that my Dad's father who is  Bureitetau was born and raised by goodly parents both from Arorae.I have not been to the island of Arorae yet I am blessed to be an Aroraean because of the blood link through my great and great grandfathers.
Tricky Question......when it comes to choose who am I?.... a Banaban or I-Kiribati? I would choose Banaban! even thou I have some I-Kiribati link.I cherish to call myself a Banaban because I was born and raised on Rabi by goodly parents who taught me that if it wasnt for the courage of my great grandparents and grandparents who survive and landed on Rabi on Dec 15 1945....would I be here? So even thou I have not been on Banaba I still call myself a Banaban.



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