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At 4:07pm on September 7, 2011, Stacey King said…

A big congratulations Akaa we have been hearing all the latest from Geness while she has been here. Were are your photos for us all can't wait to see them. Did you see Luisa's baby girl our namesake Anastasia?  What did you call your little one? Luv Aunty Staceyxxxx

At 7:36pm on March 20, 2010, Stacey King said…
I will have to sort out the boyfriend of yours... fancy not coming with you at Easter! I need you to network far and wide we already have a facebook page set up by one of my lovely customers in Germany. Tey this link:!/group.php?gid=372108010698&ref=nf
I'm new to FB so you will probably know more how to grow the group.
I just started on Twitter for work about 1-2 day before disaster started and have been twittering the whole saga via there. Please try and join this one as well and lets try and get your groups linked as well:

Saw a tweeter from Humanity Habitat and there call for volunteers to help in Fiji. Trying to get them to also look at RABI
As you know Akka we have major problems within Fiji system as minority. Paulo is already get frustrated and he needs all the help we can send directly to him. He is so overwhelmed at the moment. Hey your organisation won't send you over to help him in Suva office? You are just what he needs there at the moment. See if they will let you help out for a couple of weeks.... he really needs help and you would be great on coordinating everything. Just an idea!
Love you naughty Auntyxxxx

we may as well link it all through the one site and
At 4:45pm on March 20, 2010, Stacey King said…
Mauri Akka hows your all important love life!!! ha ha You know your aunty! Still haven't heard from Ken but Paulo is now in Suva to co-ordinate things. Ken should contact us via a satellite phone we hired for him. Paulo is pretty overwhelmed with the scale of disaster caused by Tomas and now our major focus is food and medical supplies. We had already set up a paypal fund account (see DONATE button link on front page on right hand side). Paulo will set up official bank account for Suva end. Ken is already carrying a spare $1,000 of cash donations to either hand out to the most needy or purchase of food for them over there Will know more once I hear from him. Paulo thinks he is already on Rabi but I'm sure I would have heard from him if he did. He is trying to save the batteries on the satellite phone for Rabi leg because we were worried about trying to recharge batteries during current crisis.

What I would like to ask you Akka is to network with all our Kiribati Banabans and maybe your govt departments to rally direct support for Rabi community. Paulo's direct mobile phone number is there to hand out to the necessary connections in Kiribati you have. Paulo will keep me informed via email and I will keep posting here on BV. Could you please ask Mum to rally the NZ mob as we haven't heard from any of them yet and Paulo needs them all to rally behind the community back home.
Paulo is currently uploading more photos for us at the moment and Cr. Tateau will arrive on Rabi Monday with a more comprehensive assessment report.
Paulo is very concerned that the official DISMAC report is very watered down and not an accurate reflection of the true situation on the ground.
So will publish this one as soon as we get it.
I thinks thats all for the moment and we will make sure that we do something for Easter. So please come as we will arrange things as soon as this drama is over. Ken is booked to fly back sunday but will depend on what he needs to do back home to help. LOL
At 10:21pm on February 20, 2010, Geness Maiu said…
At 10:21pm on February 20, 2010, Geness Maiu said…
hey long time sis..hope that all is well with you and the fam..hows sunshine Minmin..??..hugz & kisses to her and aunty ok..??!!! i saw aunt's foto and she seems to be luk more younger nowadays..!!..ngaia raoi anne..encourage her to take at least a 1 hr walk a day..keep in touch and tekeraoi te reirei sis..!!
At 12:18pm on January 11, 2010, Miss Tonganibeia Tamoa said…
Aeee I bora moa ni ngare n am msg. Bwa a ngaa ngkai kaain te gang ni kamwarua? Shhh I taku bwa a bon tataninga Lani. Bon aia bure bwa are ko na shout. E mwane naba kaia...hahahaha. Shhh ngke ngkai tia katoonga tiantin Sydney. E tau ngaia anne tia manga bon karekea ara tai ni kawari ngkami n ami tabo anne ao ni kan noora naba ami Darling Harbour ane n am tabo anne..hehehehe. E tau tekeraoi moa.

ur beautiful aunty...hahahahaha
At 9:08am on January 10, 2010, Miss Tonganibeia Tamoa said…
Mauri nei koikoi...e rabwa te kaitibo n tain te botaki ibukia uncle Beia maa. I rangi ni kukurei bwa e bubura au beeba hehehehe...angan tariu ma tiibuu anne au kamauri kee.

ur aunty...ehehehehehe
At 1:34pm on January 6, 2010, Ken Sigrah said…
OK. We'll stick with your arrangements and we'll hear from you getting close to Gold Coast.

cheers for now .
At 3:40pm on January 3, 2010, Ken Sigrah said…
When you book your tickets ask if the connecting coach (bus) stops at the Robina train station. It is only 10 mins drive from our home, anyway let us know what you come up with.
Tia boo moa.
At 8:56am on January 1, 2010, Ken Sigrah said…
Happy New Year.
OK. now you've got to tell me what time should they arrive here and what station. Our closest station to home is Robina Station on Gold Coast. Await your reply.
At 1:10pm on December 31, 2009, Ken Sigrah said…
Mauri Akka,
I recieved a message but I did not get a phone # or name but I guessed it was you talking about coming up next tuesday. If that is the case then it is alright with us. Also we start work on Monday 4th Jan 2010 so let us know your schedules and we'll go from there. Don't forget to leave your mob # when you text me.

Happy New year to all of you in Sydney.

Let me know ao tia boo moa.
At 11:21pm on December 27, 2009, Abera T Peter said…
Hey,mauri moa ngkoe from tis side.Tekeraoi amNew Year aei.
moce mada.
At 9:47pm on December 27, 2009, Tonganibeia Karutake aka Beia said…
Nei Akka,

Mauri, we are in Sydney with Royden,Moi, Junior Tonga and Opaia. Short trip and we are leaving 2morrow morning to Brisbane, regards to your mum ,daughter ,Grace & family.
Sorry we couldn't meet but hopefully we'll meet in Brisbane before we return to our Sugar City in Fiji.
At 7:04pm on December 27, 2009, Ken Sigrah said…
Happy Late Xmas and a prosperous New Year. My mob. is 0414797915, work is 0755759005. Call when you guys are ready to come up.

At 10:15am on October 12, 2009, moteta corrie said…
hey, long time...kind of time for commenting...likewise...its becoming a hard job sitting on the computer to comment here and comment there....hahaha....but still thinking of everybody.
all the best in your daily affairs.
At 11:56am on September 15, 2009, Teuteuttokamaen said…
Ko maiu ke komamara???? Ko maiu ba e a roko Natim ao Nei Amakoko.
Teuteu gkai e bon nag miss Mimin, ao gkana e a roko urigakin manena ao eaokioki naba tamnei te Wanikiba ao gkana e off Serati ao eatang naba ao e wewetea Mimin....

E tau Akkung ma te regards from Tabutoa and Ture..
Kiss Mimin for Teuteu..

Sis Tekeraoi Te Reirei....Kiss your URO for me..ah..ah..ah. Ko koko?? Marakei raoim.

Bye Now.
At 3:56pm on September 14, 2009, moteta corrie said…
At 9:56pm on August 31, 2009, moteta corrie said…
Akka, u hav a daughter ? see, see, she must be great fun. I know children of that age.....she`s not with u ?....she`s with the grandmother ?.... but anyway u are blessed, the more the better. I was so happy to hear about Star been a father. I never knew. A tibuna Nei Mone ma Teni Kibau... Hoooraay.....
U studying in Aussie???? I won`t ask a lot of questions though I have an inquisitive cat in my busket now.
Wat ar u drinking there?..... been Adi Sdyney......; crystal, bubbling wine or scotch on the rocks....mmm....classy..... while we`re still stuck with grog n doing our pole-dance when we get dope....hahahehehe.....ISA, all those good memories. well let us not dwell on past but focus ahead.
I`m baby-sitting Nei Marewe`s baby in Rabi (she`s 3 going on to 4) while the mother`s studying in Suva. Well better signout now coz remember the fingers???......fragile now.
email add:
At 3:36pm on August 29, 2009, TAONATEE TARATAI TIKAUA said…
aloha tei sydney?......... koa boni kaina ngkai aussie?........ ao am bure bwa ko katuka natim ikai kerr?????????? ia boni kua ni kakakaea au tia kaitiakii au bareka ao ea bon reke raoi bwa ngaia nei naomi ahahahahah

tekeraoi naba te tiki ikanne bwa ea bon reke raoi au booro ni butibooro are nei Naomi???

fafuto naba aunty bon am bure bwa ko katuka natim ikanne.....................

sapo moa ao tekeraoi te maeka i aussie

lotz of lov from mii

At 11:20pm on August 28, 2009, moteta corrie said…
hello there, i though i saw a potriot of the monalisa, wow , u never lost ur touch of creativity n technology n i know that u will always be advanced, way way ahead of us but make sure remain on earth or else u`ll reach jupiter or pluto...hahehehe...GO GIRL,anyway it`s nice to be in touch after a long time.mann, i never knew u were in shows i have been out of touch but thanks to this website, we can keep in touch now. there`s so much that i wanna say but the muscles in my delicate fingers will strain themselves typing tia manga boo boo moa n we connect in prayer.


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