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June 2011 Blog Posts (11)

Worth the wait: Ernie's sweet tuba (ka maimai) is a testament to patience (Guam)

2:00 PM, Jun. 26, 2011

Great things come to those who wait. No one knows that better than the barbecue masters and party enthusiasts who are connoisseurs of Ernie Rios' sweet tuba.

This non-conventional, yet timeless recipe has touched the lips and spirits of thousands. Even if you haven't acquired the palate for sweet tuba, you can't mistake its unique aroma and flavor.

If you have attempted its creation or know someone who has, you have to appreciate the…


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Fiji farmers plan to cash in on sandalwood

June 24, 2011   Pacific Periscope - Pqacific Island Trade Investment Commission


With a surge in worldwide demand for sandalwood products, particularly from the premium perfumery industry, Fiji farmers are training to help revive the country’s sandalwood farming, which has languished over the years. 

Some 30 men and women attended a training programme on sandalwood forestry organised by…


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Making The Rock rock - Niue (The new Niuewood)

It may be one of the Pacific Islands region’s smallest territories, with a population of just about 1200 residents and just a single flight coming in and…

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Scientists fight for credibility amid climate change slurs

RADIO AUSTRALIA - PACIFIC BEAT Updated June 20, 2011 08:05:25

In an unprecedented move, a group of Australia's top scientists has united in a new campaign to defend their credibility.

Today more than 2 hundred will converge on Canberra to call on politicians to help stop the misinformation in the climate debate.

Their concern is that the hysteria has escalated and is spilling over into…


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No promises by Australian Opposition on asylum centre - Nauru

ABC RADIO AUSTRALIA - Pacific Beat Updated June 20, 2011 08:05:26

Nauru has ratified the United Nations Refugee Convention.

Signatories to the convention commit to key human rights principles, including not returning refugees to countries from which they fled.

Nauru's decision boosts the call by Australia's Opposition leader Tony Abbott for an immigration processing centre to be established on the island rather than the current plan by the Australian government to do a…


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Pregnant little ones (Fiji Times Mon 20 June 2011)



SEVEN primary school students aged between 11 and 14 years have been reported pregnant since January this year. The Cakaudrove Provincial Council revealed this to The Fiji Times, saying it was an alarming trend in the province. Roko Tui Cakaudrove Ro Aca Mataitini said three of the girls had given birth and were now young mothers. He said all the seven cases were now being handled by police with some men due to appear in court soon. "We suspect that there are a huge number…


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Abbott still backing Nauru for asylum seeker processing

ABC RADIO - Pacific Beat Updated June 13, 2011 08:00:46

The Australian opposition says if asylum seekers are sent Nauru rather than Malaysia they'd be treated more humanely and have access to better services.

The opposition leader Tony Abbott has spent the weekend in Nauru touring the facilities where asylum seekers were held for up to five years as part of the Howard government's Pacific…


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Nauru close to signing UN refugee convention

ABC RADIO - PACIFIC BEAT  Updated June 13, 2011 16:59:10

Nauru's president says his country could soon sign the United Nations Refugee Convention as it builds a case to reopen the Australian asylum seeker processing centre on the island.

Marcus Stephen made the comments after meeting with Australia's Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, who was on Nauru to inspect the facility.



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Ex Sydney ferry to sail for Solomon islands

ABC RADIO PACIFIC BEAT Updated June 13, 2011 08:00:46

A retired ferry will say goodbye to its Sydney home on Friday and set sail for Pacific waters.

The Lady Wakehurst is headed for Solomon Islands to operate as an inter-island passenger ferry.

The ferry is also taking medical equipment donated by St Vincents Hospital in Sydney for hospitals in the…


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More families flee from Carteret Islands' rising sea

ABC RADIO Pacific Beat Updated June 2, 2011 16:57:42

The call by the Solomon Islands opposition leader for more effort helping displaced Pacific Islanders rather than asylum seekers from outside the region is gaining support.

Dr Derek Sikua made the comments while criticising a push by the Solomon Islands Government to open a processing centre on behalf of Australia on Stirling Island.…


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New film tells personal stories of Pacific sea level rise

ABC RADIO Pacific Beat Updated June 2, 2011 08:43:33

While climate change is clearly a global issue, small Pacific Islands are sometimes seen as the canaries in the coalmine.

They are the most vulnerable to rising sea levels, and already strugging with salination and dangerous king tides.

An Australian filmmaker and an award winning photographer, Rodney Dekker, recently travelled to…


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