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March 2010 Blog Posts (68)

90-100% Food Crops Destroyed Rabi from Cyclone Tomas. Worse is yet to come!

Interview Fiji Agriculture Official states 90-100% food crops destroyed Rabi from Cyclone Tomas

This is a very sobering message that we need to get out to as many of our family, friends and networks.

Interview Fiji Agriculture Official states 90-100% food crops destroyed Rabi from Cyclone Tomas

Agricultural Officer with DISMAS team states that food crops are 90-100% gone on Rabi. Worse is yet to… Continue

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Fiji: Seed distribution for Cakaudrove (RABI) | March 30th, 2010 at 3:15 am

Distribution of seeds has begun today for Rabi and the District of Wainigadru by agriculture officials that are carrying out damage assessment surveys in Cakaudrove Province.

Vegetable seeds such as Chinese cabbage, French bean, long bean, tomatoes and eggplant have been distributed to farmers in the affected areas to kick-start their food security program.

According to acting Senior Agriculture Officer (Cakaudrove) Ms Tepola… Continue

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Latest Rabi Update from Rabi by Biara Touakin (Gilbertese)

Kam na mauri riki,
N te Tabati 28/3 ao e roko te bauna ibukiia kaain Rambi man te aro ni Kaitibong are e iria Pastor Kabung Tabuariki. A kanakoaki baunaia kaain Buakonikai ma Tabiang n te Tabati naba anne ao n te bong aio, te Moanibong 29/3 ao a kanakoaki baunaia kaain Uma ao Tabwewa. Amarake aika a roko bon te raiti, te tioka, te burawa ao te dahl.
Bon te kakaitau ae moan te bati nakon te aro ni Kaitibong ao Pastor Kabung Tabuariki ibukin biriakinan te itera…

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Latest News Update Rabi (Gilbertese)

Biara Touakin reporting direct from Rabi, Fiji

Kam na mauri ara koraki,

Bon te kamauri mai Rambi imwiin te ang are e ururu iaon abara aio.

I taku ba kama bon tia n nori tamnei man ongo rongorongo ibukin abara aio mwiin ana ururu te ang TC Tomas n te Moanibong ao te Kauabong 15th ao 16th n te namakaina aei.

E bon rangin korakora aron ana ururu nakon taian auti ao riki nakon taian kaina-n-amarake n aron te nii, te mai, te tabioka ao a maiti riki. Ikai naba…


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Rabi appeals for food

Saturday, March 27, 2010 - Fiji Times Online

MORE than 100 houses on Rabi have been damaged, the initial assessment by the National Disaster Management Office has revealed.

Rabi Island Council yesterday launched an appeal to raise funds and collect food for their people.

Council chairman Dr Paulo Vanualailai said all food crops on the island had been destroyed by Hurricane Tomas.

He said the initial cost of damage was about $700,000, excluding agriculture.

He said two of the… Continue

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BANABA: Our Rays of Hope! New Photos of the homeland taken Dec 2009


Banaba's Rays of Hope at a time when our people on Rabi need it most. The rehabilitation of Banaba, the homeland will be an important focus for the Banaban people in the years to come.

These beautiful photographs of Banaba were taken by John Sutton from UK when he met up…


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Rabi is now online - Biara Touakin reporting direct from Rabi

Kam na mauri ara koraki,

We just had our network back again online and here's some updates:

On Tuesday afternoon a group of Government personnels arrived on Rabi with a first load of ration which includes; Rice, Flour, sugar, dahl and soya bean oil.

I do not know how much each individual received but here at Tabwewa;

800g sugar, 800g flour, 1kg rice, 800g dahl & 500ml soya-bean oil.

This ration should last for two weeks according to those who did the distribution… Continue

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Chairman's Update Friday 26 March 2010 - Australian Rabi Relief Account now open

Stacey, Fellow Banabans and Friends,

For your information, we now have a bank account** for the Hurricane Thomas relief fund available as follows:

Account name: Banaban Trust Fund Board

Account number: 032-004 14 - 6345



Stacey since this bank is located in Australia, it will make your work easier for you that side to forward assistance in monetary terms without costly transaction…


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Please forward your Chairman's Plea to Britian, Aust, NZ and Japan to all your networks

I would like to encourage all our BV members wherever you may reside to please forward the Chairman's Plea to all your friends, family and especially organizations etc you may be involved with.

The direct link to the Chairman's letter is:

We need to support our Chairman NOW and use the power of the internet to spread his message…


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FURTHER UPDATE: RABI 25 MARCH 2010 - All Aid now distributed through out remote Rabi settlements

Ken and Biniati have just phoned from Rabi to let us know that they have now finished the aid drop right to the outer settlements e.g. Eritabeta, Motawa, and the other side of the island. Ken said the people living at these remote settlements were able to use the satellite phone to talk to family back in main land. Biniati advised that the Fiji team were still on Rabi working on the follow up assessments at each village. Ken will sadly be leaving Rabi tomorrow and heading towards the coconut…


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Ken Sigrah and Cr. Iekerua have just phoned from Rabi via the satellite phone. They reported that the Fiji Police, Army and also agricultural people were using the sat. phone that Ken had taken in to contact their heads of departments back in the main island.

Ken wanted me to let our donors know that it was through their kind efforts to help us and the extra $500 of donated funds that went into the purchase of precious fuel for the chainsaws and trucks that it enabled the village teams to… Continue

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Plea from Rabi Chairman to Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Japan to help his people in the aftermath of Cyclone Tomas

Dear Stacy and Friends of the Banaban People.…


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7.15pm Fiji Time 24 March 2010 from Biniati and Ken Sigrah Rabi Island Fiji

Fiji Govt aid has just arrived at Karoko now and they are currently using 7-8 island boats to ferry the supplies across to Rabi tonight. This is the 2 week emergency rations promised by the PM's office.

They are setting up central distribution staging area out of Nuku for…

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Latest Update: RCL Chairman’s Daily Situation Report - 24 March 2010

Bauro Vaunalailai, Chairman Rabi Council of Leaders, 24 March 2010


The Chairman has advised this morning that they have arranged an Aid Shipment to be dispatch from Suva this Friday aboard the ‘Silivan’ bound for Savusavu. They are hoping the shipment will land on Rabi over this weekend for distribution.

Please have ALL…


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Latest Update Rabi: Emergency Food Aid Distribution

23 March 2010 Rabi Island Fiji reported by Ken Sigrah via satellite phone


Ken advised that on their return from Savusavu with emergency food supplies that they immediately began distribution of the food to each of the four villages on Rabi.

He stated that they did not want the people to go hungry another day. The donated food was divided equally and…


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Fiji's Ministry of health assesses Cyclone damage to facilities (ABC RADIO INTERVIEW asking what's happening on Rabi)

Pacific Beat Home | Broadcast Times Updated March 23, 2010 07:57:09

Fiji's Ministry of Health is assessing the needs of people and tallying up the damage bill for medical facilities after Cyclone Tomas swept through the north and east. There are also reports that the island of Rabi has been totally devastated.

Presenter: Sam Seke

Speaker: Iliesa Tora, Health Ministry spokesman



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Banabans Can’t Wait - Organizing their Own Emergency Food Rations for Rabi

Tuesday 23 March 2010 Savusavu-Rabi, Fiji by Stacey King

Banaban, Ken Sigrah rang this morning from the lorry as they drove off from Savusavu heading for Karoko. He reported out of his FJD$3,000 Donations budget he was able to get the following food rations for general village distribution planned for tomorrow on Rabi. He said that all the food prices in Savusavu had gone up rapidly due to the current crisis.

This is an approximate list as Ken lost contact with us as the lorry…


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Rabi, Cyclone Tomas (Hurricane) New Zealand reports

Monday, March 22, 2010 Short Briefs

The map shows, from north to south, Eastern Vanua Levu to Udu Point; the Tunuloa peninsula, Vanua Levu, with Kioa (home to Fiji's Tuvaluans) and Rabi islands; and the northern tip of Taveuni.

Rabi island, home of Fiji's Banaban population, was in the direct path of the hurricane but as far as I…


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Rabi DISMAC (Disaster Management Team) Suva, Fiji - Chairman's Summary Monday 22 March 2010

Today we organized the setting up of our office in Suva since everybody came to the office today. I did mention the importance of working together the Banaban Trust Fund Board, the Banaban Limited and Rabi Council of Leaders. I have informed our groups in Suva in regard to the setting of the RCL DISMAC UNIT including Nawaia giving his time as one of our volunteers. Ofati Tati is here fulltime to try and get Banaban recruits for quick and fast job intakes with fishing companies…


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Devastated Pacific island (Rabi) facing starvation after Cyclone Tomas

By MICHAEL FIELD - WORLD NEWS Last updated 09:04 22/03/2010

A small island in Fiji, home to a forgotten band of exiles, is facing starvation and disease in the wake of last week's Cyclone Tomas.

First news of the fate of Rabi Island came out over the weekend with the head of the Rabi Council of Leaders Bauro Vanualailai getting a message out that the island "is…


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