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December 2010 Blog Posts (26)

Rabi Island Driver questioned over car accident

FIJI TIMES ONLINE Maika Rabaleilekutu Friday, December 31, 2010

POLICE have arrested the driver on Rabi Island who is believed to have caused an accident that injured 25 people on Tuesday afternoon.

Police spokesman Inspector Atunaisa Sokomuri confirmed the driver was in police custody and had been questioned over the alleged incident.

He said a…


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Support pours in for Banaban welfare body Rabi Island Fiji

FIJI TIMES ONLINE Serafina Silaitoga Friday, December 31, 2010

HELP has poured in for the Banaban Child Welfare which needs about $10,000 to help put to school children from disadvantaged family backgrounds.

Earlier this month, the welfare made known its plight through The Fiji Times that it needed to help about 79 children on the island of Rabi.…


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Taian Mate iaon Rambi

Tia kaotia ma te nanokawaki ba a tia ni weteaki man te maiu aei Burangke Airu Christopher ao Nei Tekirara Eketi n te bong aio.
Burangke e wene rabatana n ana auti i Nadoi, Uma ao Nei Tekirara n ana auti I Tabwewa.
Ana karau-nano te Uea ena bon anganiia utu ake a taonaki n te rawawata inanon te tai aei. Ngaira aika ti tiku tina waki.

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Market For Virgin Oil - Rabi Island Fiji

FIJI TIMES ONLINE Serafina Silaitoga Thursday, December 30, 2010

PRAYERS for better marketing opportunities for the Banaban women in the Northern Division have finally been answered with an open door for the group to supply virgin coconut oil.

Rabi island women's leader Terikano Takesau said the women have started making virgin coconut oil from their own homes and supplied stock to… Continue

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Police hunt for truck driver


POLICE are looking for the driver of a truck believed to have caused an accident on Rabi Island.

Police spokesman Inspector Atunaisa Sokomuri said the truck was carrying 30 passengers at the time of the accident on Tuesday…


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Vodafone outreach helps islanders (Rabi Fiji)


Rabi Islanders are grateful to the Vodafone ATH Foundation for making a difference in the lives of many in their community.

The Banaban community have benefitted from the World of Difference programme that is helping in their children’s welfare and economic projects on the island.

Last week, the 65th…


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Fight for justice on Easter Island

ABC RADIO AUSTRALIA PACIFIC BEAT Updated December 20, 2010 09:06:11

There hasn't been much news out of Rapa Nui since the violent clash between residents and the Chilean military earlier this month.

But as Hawaii Public Radio's Kayla Rosenfeld reports, one activist is still seeking justice for the people of his island, know to many as Easter Island.

Presenter: Kayla Rosenfeld.

Speaker: Santi Hitorangi, photo-journalist & activist.



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Bollywood movies set to boost Fijian economy

ABC RADIO ONLINE Pacific Beat Updated December 20, 2010 09:06:12

Bollywood is coming to Fiji, bringing with it the promise of millions of dollars and three big budget movies.

Movies company representatives are already in Fiji scouting for locations, with production slated to begin early next year.

Presenter: Jasvin Lala

Speakers: Prem Raj, film director; Mohammed Jalal, executive producer; Florence Swamy, chief executive, Fiji Audio Visual Commission.…


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Mixed reaction from Niue to NZ policy - NZ believes Small Islands such as Tokelau and Niue economically unviable

ABC RADIO PACIFIC BEATUpdated December 17, 2010 09:00:51

Reaction from Niue to a possible change in New Zealand policy towards the island has been mixed.

The Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee has just released a report on the country's relationship with the Pacific which calls for people in Tokelau, Niue and Cook Islands to get access to the same services as other New Zealand citizens.

It says small territories such as Tokelau and Niue are…


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Banabans in Suva commemorate 15 December 2010

Written by Ranoba Baoa Wednesday, 15 December 2010 13:08

65 years ago, on the morning of 15th December 1945 a shipload of a suppressed passengers arrived on the shores of Rabi island. Oblivious to the weather conditions and what was ahead of them, the Banaban people of Kiribati were determined to start anew regardless of their circumstance.

Now 65 years on, the generations of those who arrived on Rabi island in Fiji commemorate this day as one of the most significant and…


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Living off coconuts - Fiji

FIJI TIMES ONLINE Paula Tagivetaua Thursday, December 09, 2010

Sunia Koroi cuts a young coconut or bu for a customer in a waiting taxi. IF you go past Grantham Road toward the Raiwaqa market in Suva, you will see a group of boys selling bu or young coconut for their milk and soft succulent flesh every day, in the rain or sun.

One of the boys selling bu is Sunia…


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Kiribati’s poor roads to be improved with help from international agencies

Posted at 00:01 on 14 December, 2010 UTC

Millions of dollars is to be spent to improve the safety and sustainability of key roads on Kiribati’s main island.

The Asian Development Bank along with the World Bank and the Pacific Regional Infrastructure Facility is providing the funding for the improvements.

They will see 27 point five kilometres of main road and 6 kilometres of feeder roads on South Tarawa rehabilitated, with the ADB providing 12 million US dollars…


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ADB, World Bank and Pacific Regional Infrastructure Facility to Improve Kiribati's Roads

13/12/2010 11:43 The FINANCIAL --

The Asian Development Bank (ADB), the World Bank Group and the Pacific Regional Infrastructure Facility (PRIF) are to help Kiribati rehabilitate and upgrade its road network in South Tarawa.

The ADB Board of Directors approved loan funds equivalent to $12 million for the Road Rehabilitation Project, which will improve the safety and sustainability of South Tarawa’s roads.

According to ADB, the project will rehabilitate 27.5 kilometers…


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President of Kiribati in Cuba on Official Visit

HAVANA, Cuba, Dec 13 (acn)

The president of the Republic of Kiribati, Anote Tong, is in Cuba for an official visit at the invitation of the Cuban government. During his stay in the island, the visitor will hold official talks with his counterpart Raul Castro.

Tong was welcomed at Havana’s Jose Marti International Airport by Deputy Foreign Minister Dagoberto Rodriguez Barrera. Speaking to journalists, the head of state of Kiribati said he was very pleased to be in Cuba for the…


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Nikumaroro: Could bone fragment solve Amelia Earhart mystery?

A bone fragment found on the deserted island of Nikumaroro could belong to Amelia Earhart.

Kamil Zawadzki

Researchers say a tiny bone fragment found on the uninhabited Kiribati island of Nikumaroro is likely to belong to either a turtle or legendary pilot Amelia Earhart, according to Discovery News.

Earhart made history - and mystery - when she…


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Council after $100k - Banaban Child Welfare Committee

FIJI TIMES ONLINE Serafina Silaitoga Sunday, December 12, 2010

THE Banaban Child Welfare Committee desperately needs money to meet academic needs of children between the ages of six to 14. The welfare needs about $100,000 to help these children including the mentally challenged and those with disabilities. Social worker on Rabi Island Terikano Takesau said she had started working with the committee to help them meet their target and put the children in school.

Ms Takesau, who…


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Confronting climate change: Cancun shifts to adaptation

By Chris Cermak Dec 10, 2010, 16:36 GMT

Cancun, Mexico - Citizens of Kiribati have a simple but expensive demand for a sea wall to keep their small island from vanishing into the Pacific Ocean as global warming causes a rise in sea levels round the globe.

Anote Tong, the island's president, said he always gives them the same answer: 'We don't have the resources.' Protection from rising sea levels could run in the hundreds of millions of…


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Aio te bana ni kauring nakoia ara koraki n I-Kiribati aika a roroko i Nadi ba kam bia taratarai ngkami mairouia aine (mai Rabi) aika a bubutimaai nakon aia auti. Ngkana ko bon aki kinaia aine aikai ao karaurau n iango raoi imain ae ko iriia nakon aia auti. I taekina aio ba a maiti kaimoa ao kain Kiribati tabeman aika a kaongoai aroia aine aikai. Aikai tabeua karakinaia aine aikai ma aia waaki ni mamanaia ao n aonikaia ara koraki n I-Kiribati. 1) Iai temanna kain Kiribati ae e a tiba roko i…


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21 Fattest Countries on Earth Named by WHO

A new list compiled by the World Health Organization (WHO) names the 21 fattest places on earth, reports CBS News. While about 67 percent of Americans are overweight, the U.S. certainly isn't the only country with a weight problem. The top five overweight nations and their percentages overweight include Panama (67.4), Saudi Arabia (73), French Polynesia (74), Kiribati (82) and American Samoa (94). Other countries on WHO's fat list include Canada, Chile, the Indian Ocean nation… Continue

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Islands champion tuna ban - Nikumaroro Island Kiribati

Published online 8 December 2010 | Nature 468, 739-740 (2010) | doi:10.1038/468739a


Pacific nations to restrict fishing across a vast swathe of international waters.


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